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How Long Will It Last?

HOW LONG WILL IT LAST? 100,000 PROPORTION OF CONSUMPTION MET BY RECYCLED MATERIALS (%) 1027 ALUMINIUM (transport, electrical, consumer durables) 510 10,000 30 COPPER 31% NICKEL 35% GOLD (jewellery, dental) 36 45 SILVER 16% TANTALUM 20% URANIUM 0% 1000 - TIN 26% 46 34 ZINC 26% (computer chips, power stations) HOW MANY YEARS LEFT IF THE WORLD CONSUMES AT TODAY'S RATE ZINC (galvanising) 58 Reserve base n/a HAFNIUM Annual global consumption (assuming global consumption=global production) ALUMINIUM 49% INDIUM (LCDS) HOW MANY YEARS LEFT 13 IF THE WORLD CONSUMES AT HALE 20 19 THE US CONSUMPTION RATE GOLD 43% 59 Reserve base ½ US per capita x World population consumption 2006 URANIUM (weapons, power stations) LEAD (lead pipes, batteries) Figures do not take into account changes in demand due to new technologies 10 LEAD 72% 17 42 PHOSPHORUS 0% 40 NICKEL (batteries, turbine blades) TIN (cans, solder) PLATINUM 0% CHROMIUM 25% 20 57 GALLIUM 0% 90 INDIUM 0% GERMANIUM 35% 116 HAFNIUM N/A WORLD POPULATION APRIL 2007 RHODIUM N/A 0.10 - 6,580,000,000 ANTIMONY N/A IF DEMAND GROWS... Some key resources will be exhausted more quickly if predicted new technologies appear and the population grows ...●●●...●●... .·· .•●●●●●.●●●●...●●●● ..●●●●..●●●...●●●●●.. .................e... ...●●...●●●●..... 345 ANTIMONY 15-20 years 0,01 SILVER 15-20 years TANTALUM 20-30 years URANIUM 30-40 years 20-30 years HAFNIUM ANTIMONUM COPPER GOLD HAFNIUM -10 years 5-10 years 15 years INDIUM LEAD NICKEL PLATINUM TIN ZINC ZINC PLATINUM US POPULATION APRIL 2007 SOURCE: ARMIN RELLER, UNIVERSITY OF AUGSBURG; TOM GRAEDEL, YALE UNIVERSITY 301,000,000 n/a: figures not available 20.3kg Буя 1.7kg бусs CHROMIUM (chrome plating, 143 COPPER (wire, coins, plumbing) 92g ANTIMONY (drugs) paint) -40 (EDS, solar cells, lasers) WNIIV9 e/u US ANNUAL CONSUMPTION per capita 2006 (grams) (infrared optics, semiconductors) 6 9'0 n/a GERMANIUM 6L0'0 ALUMINIUM 690'0 GALLIUM GERMANIUM INDIUM PHOSPHORUS cat. converters) n/a TANTALUM (cellphones, camera lenses) RHODIUM SILVER SILVER (jewellery, catalytic converters) TANTALUM URANIUM RHODIUM (X-rays, PLATINUM (jewellery, catalysts, fuel cells for cars) PHOSPHORUS (fertiliser, animal feed) 142

How Long Will It Last?

shared by maggie on Mar 21
If demand continues to grow for some of the world’s precocious resources, they will be completely depleted within the next few years. This infographic looks at some of the world’s most precious re...


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