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How can the Middle East improve seismic monitoring?

EARTHQUAKE MITIGATION MENA INFRASTRUCTURE A selection of new ideas and measures to potentially help reduce the destruction caused by earthquakes Tsunamis WATER GATES caused by earthquakes Breakwater can prevent tsunami devastation and by installing new water gates at a breakwater mouth provides a control allowing the mouth to be closed resulting in reduced intrusion by larger waves can travel up to 800 km/h REDUCING PLATE FRICTION A potential way in which earthquake power can be reduced is to pour significant amounts of water down a fault where two plates are grinding together. The water acts as a lubricant reducing the likelihood of a sudden large shift. ELECTROMAGNETIC LEVITATION Structures can be enhanced with electromagnetic levitation systems that raise the building from its base therefore isolating them from the shock- waves caused by earthquakes. Potential displacement can also be resolved using this method. An earthquake that shook China in 1557 is the deadliest on record killing an estimated 830,000 people CLOAKING Compared to previous forms of cloaking that were only capable of hiding objects from very specific wavelengths of radiation, a new form is being developed that scientists say can hide objects from a broader band of wavelengths, including sound waves, sea waves, and seismic waves. Cloaking devices cause "destructive inteference" which causes wave forms to cancel each other out, and results from a recent study have shown that it is conceivable to build cloaking devices that generate waves or vibrations to neutralise incoming seismic waves from an earthquake. NATURE'S DEFENCE It is estimated that over 1 million After the tsunami in 2004 convincing evidence emerged that greenbelts, particularly mangrove forests, perform an almost protective function to inland settlements. Coastal sections with no such vegetation showed a significant increase in wave penetration, whereas the greenbelt sections revealed a significant decrease in inland destruction. LAST RESORT: CITY RELOCATION? earthquakes occur each year Due to the fact that Tehran stands a high chance of being struck by a major earthquake in the near future, Iran's rulers have said they are considering plans to 'relocate the country's capital". The questions are numerous - how do you relocate an entire capital city? What stays and what goes? And where do you put a city that is home to 12 million people? Sources: Mangroves: Nature's Defence Against Tsunamis (Book)

How can the Middle East improve seismic monitoring?

shared by kcatoto on Jan 24
After the recent earthquakes in Chile and Haiti, it is not surprising to see countries updating their disaster contingency plans. However in the Middle East, where recent quakes in Turkey and Iran hav...


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