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The Highest & Lowest Points on Earth

DRILL HOLE DEEP, MOUNTAIN HIGH: The Highest & Lowest Points on Earth 30,000 - 35,000 ft Commercial aeroplanes fly at this height 30,000FT 29,035 ft - Mount Everest Earth's highest point 26,000 ft-Death Zone Oxygen levels insufficient to sustain human life 25,000FT 22,595 ft-Ojos del Salado Highest active volcano 20,000FT 18,000 ft High clouds (Cirrus, Cirrocumulus) start forming 16,728 ft – La Rinconada The World's highest human habitation 15,000FT 12,500 ft Standard skydiving altitude 12,389 ft - Mount Fuji 10,000 FT 5,000 FT 4,409 ft – Ben Nevis UK's highest mountain 2,717 ft - Burj Khalifa (Dubai) - World's tallest building 2,073 ft Shanghai Tower 1,004 ft The Shard Europe's tallest building 3,182 ft - Bingham Canyon Mine Deepest man-made open pit excavation 5,000 FT 6,000 ft Depth of Grand Canyon (for scale) 10,000 ft Cuvier's Beaked Whales - 10,000 FT deepest diving mammals 12,500 ft 12,800 ft - Mponeng Wreck of the RMS Titanic & TauTona Gold Mines The world's deepest mines 15,000 FT 20,000 FT 25,000 FT 26,715 ft - Snailfish Deepest Dwelling Fish in the World 30,000 FT 30,000 ft - KTB Borehole Scientific drilling project 35,055 ft Deepwater Horizon Deepest oil well 35,000 FT 35,787 ft Deepest solo submarine dive 36,201 ft - Mariana Trench Lowest known natural point on Earth 37,318 ft - Sakhalin-I Project Longest well in the world (but not the deepest) 40,000 FT 40,230 ft Kola Borehole Deepest artificial point on Earth CHILTERN THRUST BORE D wWW.CHILTERNTHRUSTBORE.CO.UK Sources|

The Highest & Lowest Points on Earth

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We still know very little about our Earth, especially what lies beneath us. This infographic lists the highest on lowest known points on Earth - both natural and man-made.


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