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The Great Tree of Life

Protostomes Trilobites - extinct Ammonites - extinct brachiopods bryozoans snails Echinoderms Armored fish - extinct grasshoppers segmented worms O 2008 Leonard Eisenberg. All rights reserved. Sea scorpions - extinct beetles ants butterilies Hagfish Lancelets starfish Sea squirts Sharks dragonflies octopus sea urchins lice bees flies clams horseshoe spiders crabs Fish cod perchalmon herring nematodes crabs Acoel Flatworms Ctenophores Corals Placo┼╝oans centipedes sturgeon gars Coelacanth eels Sponges Lungfish Fungi Amphibians salamanders frogs caecilians Amoebas Red Algae flowering plants turtles Marine reptiles - extinct lizards Reptiles snakes Plants conifers ginkgo cycads ferns crocodiles Pterosaurs - extinct Dinosaurs - extinct horsetails club mosses Birds mosses green algae Mammal-like reptiles - extinct monotremes Multituberculates - extinct Mass Extinction Eukaryotes marsupials Mammals Mass Extinction elephants, aardvarks Cambrian Explosion sloths, anteaters, armadillos bats, shrews Archaea horses, camels, sheep dogs, cats, seals Global Ice Ages rodents, rabbits tree shrews lemurs tarsiers new world monkeys old world monkeys gibbons "orangutans Oceans Rust Bacteria gorillas Earth Birth chimpanzees humans Neanderthals - extinct 4000 Today 65 200 250 2000 542 440 250 200 65 Today 370 440 542 700 1000 2000 3000 Millions of Years Ago 3000 1000 700 370 All the major and many of the minor living branches of life are shown on this diagram, but only a few of those that have gone extinct are shown. Example: Dinosaurs extinct O 2008 Leonard Eisenberg. All rights reserved. Mass Extinction Mass Extinction Mass Extinction.

The Great Tree of Life

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Trace any branch back through time to see how it connects to any other of life's major branches. Use the curved time scale to find when their common ancestor lived. Five mass extinctions are marked by...


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