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Get the Facts on Cacti!

Get The Facts On CACTI! DID YOU KNOW? THERE ARE MORE THAN CACTI CAN BE MORE THAN 2,000 60 DIFFERENT SPECIES OF CACTI FEET MONDAY CERTAIN SPECIES OF CACTI HIGH OR AS SMALL AS A HAVE FLOWERS THAT FEW INCHES BLOOM AND DIE IN JUST ONE DAY TUESDAY THE NIGHT BLOOMING CEREUS BLOSSOMS AT NIGHTFALL AND CLOSES AT DAWN CACTUS SPINES CAN BE LONG, SHORT, SPIKY, OR FRAGILE USES FOR CACTI THEY'RE NOT JUST FOR LANDSCAPING OR DECORATING YOUR HOME! CACTI, THEIR BLOSSOMS, THEIR SPINES, AND THEIR FRUITS CAN BE USED FOR: FOOD CANDY PERFUME MEDICINAL PURPOSES FOOD COLORING NEEDLES UP CLOSE WITH CACTI SAGUARO CACTUS Found only in the Sonoran Desert, it's the largest cactus in the U.S. saguaro can live as long as 150-200 years in the right conditions A A fully grown, fully hydrated saguaro can weigh between 3,200 and 4,800 pounds PRICKLY PEAR CACTUS Found all over the desert southwest from central Texas to Baja California Can live over 20 years in the right conditions The Engelmann prickly pear is most common in the Sonoran Desert and can be 5 feet tall FISHHOOK BARREL CACTUS Found mostly in south-central Arizona and northern Mexico Can live as long as 50-100 years Features flowers and yellow fruit that always grow at its top INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY: COMPLETE LANDSCAPING COMPLETE LANDSCAPING WWW.COMPLETELANDSCAPING.COM Sources:

Get the Facts on Cacti!

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Think cacti are just for landscaping? Think again! Cacti, along with their blossoms, spines, and fruits, can be used to make candy, food, perfume, needles, food coloring, and even medicinal items. Dis...


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