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Fifty Years of Exploration

Pluto July 14, 2015 MOON 73 missions NEPTUNE 1 mission SUN missions URANUS 1 mission First craft to approach Neptune MERCURY 2 missions Passes Saturn's orbit June 6, 2008 First craft to approach Uranus MARS 40 missions SATURN 5 missions Eight failed NASA missions ASTEROIDS & COMETS Two successful NASA missions 17 missions JUPITER Discovers 9 missions TITAN additional Two failed Saturn ring .00000. RHEA DIONE U.S.S.R. missions Two successful IAPETUS THETIS U.S.S.R. missions NEAR Shoemaker becomes first probe to orbit and touch Huygens probe released Exploration of Saturn's down on an asteroid, 443 Eris, to Titan moons February 12, 2001. VENUS Earth 43 missions flyby (twice) AMALTHEA EUROPA CALLISTO Earth gravity assist GANYMEDE Exploration of Jupiter's moons Venus flybys Asteroid Ida flyby: discovery of Dactyl Mission ends upon impact September 21, 2003 ***.. NEW HORIZONS: Launch 1/19/06 CASSINI: Launch 10/15/97 GALILEO: Launch 10/18/89 PIONEER 11: Launch 4/6/73.. VOYAGER 1 Launch 9/5/77 VOYAGER 2: Launch B/20/77 PIONEER 10: Launch 3/2/72 Venus gravity assist First craft to cross the asteroid belt (twice) INTER- STELLAR SPACE SUN EARTH JUPITER SÁTURN URANUS NEPTUNE PLUTO MARS NEW PIONEER 11 VOYAGER 2 PIONEER 1o VOYAGER 1 HORIZONS KUIPER BELT ASTEROID BELT BILLIONS OF MILES 0 |||

Fifty Years of Exploration

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The first attempts to reach Mars (1960) and Venus (1961) failed, yet triump followed quickly. Of the nearly 200 solar, lunar, and interplanetary missions depicted on this map, most have been Earth's c...


Sean McNaughton
Samuel Velasco


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