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Fears & Phobias

FEARS& PHOBIAS A CLOWN'S TALE According to the psychiatry handbook, there are 3 Phobia types. SPECIFIC PHOBIA: Fear caused by a specific thing or situation. SOCIAL PHOBIA: Fear of how people will react to you. AGORAPHOBIA: Fear of stressful situations. THE BODY'S RESPONSE TO DANGER! O The first five seconds @ 0O THE EYES THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM We see a zombie! Pauses to save energy. THE BRAIN 0O THE PUPILS Interprets the threat and rev up the adrenal glands. Dilated to see better. ENDORPHINS Natural pain-killers ADRENAL GLANDS and stress-relievers. Pumps out cortisol. Which gives us added strength and speed. e DOPAMINE A "feel-good" chemical. THE LUNGS We breathe faster, bringing more PANIC MODE Vomiting, and emitting waste (scared shitless). air into our bodies. THE HEART Our hearts race, pumping extra oxygen to the muscles. Chronic stress increases our risk for cardiovascular disease and depression. Stress impairs memory and learning, and increases gastrointestinal disorders. Also, stress hacks into our immune systems, Everybody fears something. and depletes fertility. 8.7% The symptoms of fear may include a pounding heart, shortness of breath, . dry mouth, nausea, elevated blood pręssuré, trembling or. shaking. profuse sweating. and a 'sense' of · - impending. OF ADULTS HAVE A PHOBIA doòm DID YOU KNOW THERE ARE MORE THAN 530 OFFICIAL PHOBIAS? Here are some interesting examples: SANGUIVORIPHOBIA GLOSSOPHOBIA The fear of public speaking or of speaking in general The fear of vampires OPHIDIOPHOBIA COULROPHOBIA The fear of snakes The fear of clowns KINEMORTOPHOBIA TETRAPHOBIA The fear of zombies The fear of monsters ARACHNDPHOBIA ALEKTOROPHOBIA The fear of spiders and other arachnids The fear of chickens and other fowls PHASMOPHOBIA MUSOPHOBIA The fear of ghosts The fear of mice and rats THE CURE FOR PHODBIA IS CALLED EXPOSURE THERAPY Treatment for phobia acheves an success rate oe o astunding Through voluntary, gradual encounters with the source of their fear, people are able to overcome their feelings and fear no more. Sources:, son/2014/10/21/fear-factors why-are-people-afraid, symptoms,,, http://www.washingtonpost. com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2014/10/30/clowns-are-twice-as-scary-to-democrats-as-they-are-to-republicans, http://, ence-of-fear-clowns-dead-things-can-terrorize-traumatize/article_266b233f-378e-5384-80cd-6a88dac888b7.html Factorialist © Factorialist 2015. LONG-TERM EFFECTS

Fears & Phobias

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If you are like 8.7% of adults, then you, too, have a pet nemesis: a phobia. Phobias can be terribly banal, commonplace, and trivial, like the fear of blood, or some hairy, toothy animal. Most people ...



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