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The Facts about Bottled Water

The FACTS about BOTTLED WATER While a large portion of the world desperately seek clean drinking water, the United States and other countries spend billions on bottled water when perfectly clean drinking water is readily available. Not only are we needlessly spending money on water with lower standards than those of tap water, we are also filling our landfills with billions of pounds of oil based plastics that take 1000's of years to degrade. This graphic will visually present an overview of bottled water. The price of bottled water is up to 10,000 times the cost of tap water $0.0015 / gal $10.00 / gal Annually, Americans consume 8.6 billion gallons of bottled water Which generates 53 billion gallons $61 billion dollars are consumed globally 40% of all bottled water is taken from municipal water sources (a.k.a. tap water) 22% of tested bottled water brands contained chemical contaminants at levels above strict state health Ilimits VS tested for e. coli required to provide source required to produce quality reports can still be distributed when tap water standards are not met 17 Million barrels of oil are used in the production of water bottles yearly... .enough to fuel 1 Million cars for a year It takes 3X the amount of water to produce the bottle as it does to fill it Only 1 in 5 water bottles are RECYCLED The other 4 contribute to the 3 billion pounds of waste from plastic water bottles Sources Food and Drug Administration ChemicalContaminantsandPesticides/ucmas1384. htm Consumer Reports- Environmental Working Group- http:/ Commitee of Energy and Commerce -of bottled-water&catid=133 subcommittee-on-oversight-and-investigations&itemid=73 Natural Resources Defense Council - Good Magazine -http://www.good. is/7p=16317 Container Recycling Institute - International Bottled Water Association -

The Facts about Bottled Water

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We drink a lot of bottled water in America. Answers to questions about where it comes from, how much waste it produces, and various costs and benefits of getting our H2O in bottled form can be found here.


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