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Ecosystem Services and Resilience

Ecosystem services and resilience ORGANISMS ecosystems Pollination 1 INTERACTION Erosion PLANTS prevention AIR Pest and disease ( management Human beings benefit from ecosystems in many ways Protection from natural disasters Fresh water, food, 1 fibre, habitat and genetic resources Carbon sequestration and storage These are known as + Ecosystem Services MICROBES WATER Recreation and tourism Air and water pollution control Spiritual health, 1 cultural identity >Nutrient cycling and soil fertility MINERAL SOIL ANIMALS LIVING NON-LIVING Using an ecosystem service-based approach can increase agricultural productivity and strengthen the resilience of rural communities and their natural resource base. Ecosystem services contribute to agricultural productivity Ecosystem services provided by rainforest to coffee farms, Costa Rica Pollination by wild bees worth: Pollinator services US$60,000/year eats coffee borer beetle Pest control by birds worth up to: Pest control services US$9,400/year (4% of total annual crop) Ecosystem services provided by wetlands in Barotse floodplain, Zambia Barotse consumption: National average consumption: 5x Fish for consumption Supports EEECCE Barotse floodplain: 28,000 ha of cultivation (10% of national floodplain) Fertile land for agriculture 27,500 households (estimated US$2.34 million) Farmers have adapted to yearly water and nutrient flows through diverse farming systems A The maximum flood level: usually April O Driest and Litongo (dry) rain-fed village drained seepage gardens O Floodwaters gradually recede: May, June and July Sishango hottest: Sept-Nov gardens Lizulu Mukomena Litongo (wet) seepage gardens riverbank gardens Litunda Sitapa lagoon gardens raised gardens Agricultural practices that improve ecosystem services Using agricultural biodiversity to control pests and diseases Growing bean mixtures together Reduced up to 50% Wheat Cotton Increased Save farmers US$4.96 in pesticide cost for every lady beetle per 100 plants Common bean rust severity Common bean rust severity variety variety lady beetles 2 CROP Maize Maize variety variety ROTATION 100% 50% Lady beetles feed on aphids in nearby cotton fields Wheat Using biodiversity to improve pollination Diverse farms increase pollinator diversity Schefflera venulosa Schefflera wallachiana may jun Birds visit red flowers with long, narrow tubes and lots of nectar Bee proboscis length affects foraging choices jul apr aug mar Sequential flowering in plantations keeps pollinators on farm Bumblebee buzz frequency used to encourage tomato pollen in greenhouses selected shade coffee cardamom trees Find out more: Sources: Ricketts et al., 2004 Kellerman et al., 2008 Karp et al., 2013 Emerton, 2005 Trapnell and Clothier, 1937 Espinoza and Ochoa, 2012 Zhou Ke, 2013 Grieg-Gran and Gemmill-Herren, 2012 Research Program on Water, Land and Bioversity CGIAR Ecosystems International | oct nov sep

Ecosystem Services and Resilience

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Ecosystem services are the benefits that human beings get from the nature. Using an ecosystem service-based approach can increase agricultural productivity and strengthen the resilience of rural co...




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