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mocoma EARTH FUN FOR ME FACTS Earth is the third planet from the Sun, in the Solar System. The other names of The Earth are The World or The Blue Planet. ERDA 5 BILLION YEARS Earth is about 5 billion years old! Earth has been named from the 8th century Anglo Saxon word "erda" meaning soil. Earth is not totally round. It is flattened at the North and South poles. There are more than seven billion people on Earth and the number keeps increasing every day. 7 BILLION PEOPLE 10% * 1/5 ICE SHAPE 70% WATER 11% CROPS DESERT Seventy percent of the Earth is water! Eleven percent of the earth's ground is used to grow crops. Ten percent of the Earth's surface is ice. One fifth of the Earth's land surface is covered with deserts. TEMPERATURE ATMOSPHERE 77% NITROGEN Oto 21% OXYGEN The temperature at the Earth's core is hotter than the temperature of the surface of the Sun, at 7500K TThe Earth's atmosphere is composed of nitrogen (77%), oxygen (21%) and other gases like carbon dioxide and argon. STARY FACTS Earth was initially just composed of hydrogen and helium. SOLIDS +LIQUIDS+GASES Particles from broken stars fell on the Earth and allowed for life on Earth. 40,000 dust particles from stars land on Earth every year. The Earth is the only planet on the Solar System to have the three forms of water-liquid, gas and solid. We are made of stars! 8.5 MINS 333,000 TIMES A DAY CONTINENTS About 270 million years ago, a continent called Pangaea was formed on Earth. Today we have 7 continents. It takes 8.5 minutes for the sunlight to reach Earth. The sun is 333,000 times larger than Earth. A day on Earth is 23 hours, 56 minutes and four seconds. 23 DEGREES 22 APRIL The Earth's axis is tilted at an angle of 23 degrees leading to us experiencing four seasons in a year. EARTH DAY Earth Day is celebrated on 22nd April, as that is the day when spring starts in the Northern Hemisphere and fall starts in the Southern Hemisphere. Visit for more cool stuff! FUN FOR ME mocOm .com Copyright ©2013 Mocomi & Anibrain Digital Technologies Pvt. Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Earth Facts By

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Earth gets its name from the 8th century Anglo Saxon word “erda” meaning soil. Planet Earth is not totally round. It is flattened at the North and South poles. More interesting facts about the planet earth.


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