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DNA Presented

DNA NUCLEOSOME MASTER CODE CHROMATIN FIBRE IS PACKED INTO CHROMOSOME NUCLEOSOMES ARE PACKED INTO No longer written off as mere packaging, the proteins that help parcel DNA into chromosomes play a part in controlling which genes are expressed. Cracking the code they use to do this may uncover new ways of treating genetic disease and cancer CHROMATIN FIBRE 30nm WIDE NUCLEUS CHROMOSOME "TERRITORY" NUCLEAR PORE LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION Just where in the nucleus a particular chromosome is found is more than a matter of chance. Its location and precise 3D organisation could play a crucial role in switching DNA WRAPPED AROUND NUCLEOSOME genes on and off BALL OF HISTONE PROTEINS DNA DOUBLE HELIX FORMS CORE OF NUCLEOSOME RUNNING REPAIR LIVE WIRE Our DNA is under constant attack from molecular vandals. Ranged against them are armies of proteins fighting a losing battle to keep the DNA double helix intact. Can we help them keep ageing and cancer at bay? HISTONE "TAILS" The ability of the double helix to conduct electricity now seems to play a vital role in the front line of our defences against mutations HELP CONTROL GENE EXPRESSION GANGS OF PROTEINS REPAIR DAMAGE TO THE DOUBLE HELIX THE ROBOT WITHIN To build their minuscule machines, nano-engineers need a material that can self-assemble into the structures they need, which then go on to copy themselves. DNA fits the bill perfectly DNA STRAND ON ELECTRODE ACTS AS TEMPLATE DNA BASES AND A CHARGED DNA BASES LINK UP HEATING WITH MICROWAVES CAN UNZIP THE DNA CHAINS A VOLTAGE ON THE ELECTRODES SEPARATES END GROUP ARE ADDED AND A COPY OF THE CHAINS. THE NEW STRAND IS MOVED TEMPLATE ASSEMBLES AWAY AND THE PROCESS STARTS AGAIN THYMINE ADENINE |CHARGED END GROUP ELECTRODE PROTEINS GUANINE CYTOSINE |DNA BASES IELECTRODE JELECTRODE Tight stacking of bases allows charge to be conducted along helix Won!

DNA Presented

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DNA infographics would like to provide sorts of information that would be the most and well informative. Here, is an interesting and relevant facts in a graphical manner so that a basic grasp of the m...


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