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Dive From Stratosphere: Felix Baumgartner

DIVE FROM STRATOSPHERE MISSION: RED BULL STRATOS THE JUMP Felix leaves the capsule and starts the jump in freefall RECORD Highest manned balloon flight 40 KM 39,045 KM FELIX PRESSURE SUIT HELMET VISOR RECORD Freefall from highestaltitude OXYGEN SUPPLY The austrian Felix Baumgartner, professional skydiver, attracted millions of people to the screens, on the 14th of October, when 35 KM CHEST PACK PRESSURE SYSTEM ALTIMETER ascended 39.000 meters over New Mexico and threw himself on an impressive dive in the stratosphere, breaking the world record in altitude jump and, simultaneously, surpassing the velocity of the sound. 31 KM PREVIOUS RECORD JOE KITTINGER (1960) SUPERSONIC DESCENT 30 KM The maximum velocity is reachod, surpassing the sound barrier PARACHUTE HD CAMERA 1342 KM/H 25 KM RECORD Breaking the speed of sound in freefal BALLOON MATERIAL POLYETHYLENE LAUNCH SITE ROSWELL 20 KM DEPTH 0,02 CM 211,8 M LOCATION: NEW MEXICO, USA 17,7 KM CONCORDE POPULATION: 48.366 Ideal zone to large-scale launches thanks to the atmospheric conditions and wide field area. CAPSULA 15 KM CAPSULE URE 11 KM 1315 KG 10 KM AIRPLANE PRESSURE SPHERE CAPSULE ASCENT The helium balloon, which transports the capsule, starts the route 3,5 M BALLOON 5 KM SHELL 4 KM GENERIC PARACHUTE CONTROL CENTER LANDING Felix opens the parachute after 9 minutes in freefall CRUSH ZONE 2,5 H SEA LEVEL ROSWELL AIRPORT MARISA PA SSOS | MDEPE | FONT: REDBULLSTRATOS.COM STRATOSPHERE ASCENT TIME: H 30 MIN

Dive From Stratosphere: Felix Baumgartner

shared by marisapassos on Mar 03
The infographic represents information about Felix Baumgartner and his jump from the stratosphere.


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