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Discover Extraordinary Volumes

Discover Extraordinary Volumes This is a chart that compares the volume of things from your backyard pool to the Pacific Ocean. Cubes are used to demonstrate the building up of volumes. You know how a Rubiks cube has 27 smaller cubes? We start with a single one of those 27 then jump to the full Rubiks. We'll keep adding more and more together as we build up. It'll also be necessary to change the scale and the big thick arrows indicate when. Backyard Size Swimming Pool (92.6 m) Olympic Size Swimming Pool (2 500 m) 1 000 Litres =1 m3 This cube is 9 Boeing Factories (1.2 x 108 m) 1.0 x 10° m3 = 1 km3 Worlds Largest Man-Made Excavation - Bingham Canyon Open Pit Copper Mine in Utah (4.06 x 109 m3) Worlds Largest Swimming Pool (250 000 m3y Lake Tahoe - Largest Lake by Volume Fully Within US Borders T1 Class Oil Supertanker Biggest Oil Tanker (503 000 m3) (1.51 x 1011 m3) Boeing Factory - Worlds Biggest Building by Volume (13 300 000 m) I know Boeing doesn't make the A380, but this is the volume of the Airbus A380 to the Boeing factory. What fits into the Boeing Factory? 143 000 Backyard swimming pools 5 320 Olympic pools 53 World's biggest pools 26 T1 Class Oil Supertankers That tiny black line is What fits into Lake Tahoe? the volume of the 11 353 Boeing factories 37 Largest open pit mines world's largest oil tanker vessel. Lake Baikal (23 600 km3) That tiny black dot is the volume of Lake Taho Lake Tahoe - Largest Lake Fully in the USA (151 km) Gulf of Mexico (2 500 000 km) Mt. Everest - Tallest and Biggest Mountain in the World (2 413 km) 106 Lake Baikals fit into Gulf of Mexico Lake Baikal - Largest Lake in the World by Volume Gulf of Mexico (23 600 km3) (2 500 000 km3) That tiny dot is 9 Boeing factories. Pacific Ocean (660 000 000 km) That's the biggest open pit mine in the world. What fits into Lake Baikal? 156 Lake Tahoes (green cube) 10 Mt. Everests That's Lake Baikal 27 966 of these can fit in the Pacific Ocean Mt. Everest That's not a piece of dust on your screen that's Lake Tahoe. Volume of the Pacific Ocean Comparison 1) The same number cans of soda would Putting The World's Fastest Pump To Work fit into a big backyard pool as Mt Everests' would fit into the Pacific Ocean. This chart's full size is 2m by 4.5m. Printed out it would be a perfect size floor mat for a Toyota Land-cruiser. Even at that scale you would need a magnifying glass to see that the cube representing Lake Tahoe's volume above is green Brand: Nijhuis Pumps 2) A water molecule is to a raindrop as a Super Big Gulp Ocean (Pacific Ocean is about 471 quintillion times bigger). 4L) is to the Pacific Model: HP1-4000.340 Flow Rate: 60 000 litres per second Installation: installed in 3 Interesting Volumes Compared to the Boeing Factory Winterswijk, Netherlands in This cube is 9 Boeing factories - that brown stripe is 1 Boeing factory 2004 That tiny little blue stripe is a T1 Class Supertanker - the biggest oil tanker by volume in the world How fast could it hypothetically pump the equivalent volume of water of these things? - 11 quadrillion seconds - 42 trillion seconds Pacific Ocean 348 576 698 years Gulf of Mexico 1 320 366 years Lake Baikal 12 464 years Grand Canyon 2 201 years Lake Tahoe 80 years - 2.5 billion seconds Biggest Open Pit Mine 2 years Sydney Harbour 108 days - 9.4 million seconds Sydney Harbour Hypothetical Volume of Tunnel USA-China (Same Specs as Channel Tunnel English Channel Tunnel Boeing Factory 62 hours English Channel Tunnel 25 hours Central Park Resovoir 18 hours Turning Central Park into a Pool: Great Pyramid 12 hours Chart by T1 Class Supertanker 2.3 hours The world's fastest Calculations and sources at World's Biggest Pool 69 minutes pump could fill all 843 acres of 3/4" Garden Hose Wrapped Around Equator 85 seconds Central Park with 1 metre of water in You are free to share on your website Olympic Pool 42 seconds just shy of 66 days. with attribution link to Airbus A380 19 seconds Big Backyard Pool | 1.5 seconds Cube Volume and Visual Scale: Backyard Pool 96 m3 (96 000 litres) Olympic Pool= 27 Backyard Pools Brown = 0.00427 km3 Green = 4.08 km3 Orange = 3 933 km3 Magenta = Red = White = 104 167 km3 2 500 000 km3 67 500 000 km3

Discover Extraordinary Volumes

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Learn the difference in volume of your backyard pool and the Pacific Ocean including the world's biggest pool, biggest building, biggest lake and more




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