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Define Animal kingdom

www.knowled DEFINE ANIMAL KINGDOM The world is full of animals WHAT IS AN TYPES OF ANIMAL ANIMAL? SPECIES Animals come in many different shapes and sizes, and tive in a wide variety of ILarger groups of animals are divided into smaller groups, until a single kind or type is reached- the species. Examples of different species within larger groups are the red fox, tiger, golden eagle, housefly, and giant squid. A species is not defined by its appearance, color, or size, but by breeding. habitats. So what defining feature do they share that makes them all animals? Like plants, their bodies are made of many microscopic parts called cells. ANIMAL KINGDOM CLASSIFICATION IT'S A FACT IThe living world is divided into groups The biggest animals are 1 million million times larger than the smallest ones. More than 999 out of every 1000 kinds of animals that ever lived, such as dinosaurs, alled kingdoms. The imal kingdom has more members than all the other kingdoms added together. Zoologists (scientists who study animals) divide the kingdom into main groups called phyla (singular is phylum),. By comparing died out long ago.The total number of kinds, or species, of animals, is probably more than 10 million. important body features. SOURCE: W wW.REALLYGREATSITE.COM

Define Animal kingdom

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The world is full of animals. They live on top of the highest mountains, at the bottom of the deepest seas, in tropical rainforests and in the cold, icy wastes of the polar regions. Some animals are s...




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