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Decibel Sound Waves

THUNDER HOUSE CAR HORN RESTAURANT EAR PAIN SAW BLUE WHALE DISCOMFORT NATURE SUBWAY ROCKET LAUNCH RAIN 210 200 190 180 170 160 150 140 130 120 110 100 090 080 070 060 050 040 030 020 010 OBJECT DECIBELS II A decibel (dB) is one tenth of a bel (B), A field quantity is a quantity such as When referring to measurements i.e. 1B = 10DB. The bel is the logarithm of voltage, current, sound pressure, electric of power or intensity, a ratio can be the ratio of two power quantities of 10:1, field strength, velocity and charge expressed in decibels by evaluating The decibel confers a number of advantages, such as the ability to conveniently and for two field quantities in the ratio. density, the square of which in linear ten times the base-10 logarithm of the systems is proportional to power. A ratip of the measured quantity to the represent very large or small numbers, and the ability to carry out multiplication of power quantity is a power or a quantity reference level. directly proportional to power, e.g. ratios by simple addition and subtraction. The decibel symbol is often qualified with energy density, acoustic intensity and a suffix, that indicates which reference quantity or frequency weighting function has luminous intensity. The calculation of the ratio in decibels varies depending on been used. For example, dBm indicates that the reference quantity is one milliwatt, whether the quantity being measured is a power quantity or a field quantity. while dBu is referenced to 0.775 volts RMS. SENSING SURVIVÁL The Sense of Hearing

Decibel Sound Waves

shared by Makino on Jul 28
This infographic is part of my "Sensing Survival" typography book. It covers the sense of hearing and shows the different decibels objects and living things in the form of a sound waves. The top o...


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