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Darwin's Doubt, The Cambrian Explosion

DARWIN'S DOUBT THE EXPLOSIVE ORIGIN OF ANIMAL LIFE AND THE CASE FOR INTELLIGENT DESIGN The Cambrian Explosion Čenozoic 66 MYA Phylum Phylum Mesozoic 254 MYA Paleozoic 541 MYA Precambrian 4,600 MYA O Predictions of Neo-Darwinian Theory • Actual Fossil Evidence Found Continuation of animal phyla present at Cambrian Did you know? The fossil record does not show the slow, gradualistic evolution predicted by most Darwinian scientists. Leading paleontologists acknowledge that most 2 of the major animal groups (called "phyla") appear abruptly in the Cambrian period, about 530 million years ago, without clear evolutionary precursors. As many as 20 unique animal phyla appear during the narrow window of time, the Cambrian explosion (only 5-10 million years long). Many species from the Cambrian explosion 4 are found worldwide, in places as far away from each other as Canada and China. Anomalocaris, the great predator of the Cambrian seas, could reach a length of up to 1 meter. 1 meter DARWIN'S DOUBT Darwin's Doubt: The Explosive Origin of Animal Life and the Case for Intelligent Design Stephen C. Meyer Hardcover: 512 pages DARWIN'S DOUBT Publisher: HarperOne (June 18, 2013) Language: English THE EXPLOSIVE ORIGIN OF ANIMAL LIFE AND THE CASE FOR INTELLIGENT DESIGN ISBN-10: 0062071475 STEPHEN C. MEYER O HarperOne A Division of HarperCollinsPublishers Precambrian Cambrian

Darwin's Doubt, The Cambrian Explosion

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530 million years ago many animals suddenly appeared in the fossil record without apparent ancestors in early layers of rock. In "Darwin's Doubt" Stephen C. Meyer tells the story of the mystery surrou...


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