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Composition of the Moon

(R WHAT IS THE MOON MADE OF? (HINT: NOT CHEESE) CRUST 43% Oxygen 20% Silicon Si Mg Al Oxygen Silicon Magnesium Aluminum Fe Ca Calcium Ti Similar to Earth's Iron Titanium mantle 19% Magnesium Th Thorium K H. Potassium Hydrogen Uranium 10% Iron Molten Core MANTLE 2% of the Moon's mass 3% Calcium Clinopyroxene Orthopyroxene Olivine Contains more iron 3% Aluminum than Earth's mantle LUNAR CORE 0.12% Manganese Fe Ni Iron Sulfur Nickel 0.18% Titanium SMASHY SMASHY Given its chemical similarity to Earth, many researchers think that the Moon formed 4.5 billion years ago, when a large protoplanet smashed into the young Earth. Gravity brought the resulting debris together, eventually forming the Moon. 50/50 Recent research suggests that the moon is roughly a 50-50 mix of materials from Earth and the protoplanet that smashed into it. REACTIONS EVERYDAY CHEMISTRY @acsreactions Sources:

Composition of the Moon

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Do you know what the moon is made out of (hint--it's not cheese). We break down the sections of the moon for you!




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