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Comet Ison

COMET ALSO KNOWN AS: ISON "COMETS ARE LIKE CATS: THEY HAVE TAILS, AND THEY DO PRECISELY WHAT THEY WANT." C/2012 S1 Comet Nevski-Novichonok Discovered in September 2012 David H. Levy, Comets: Creators and Destroyers TIMELINE ARQUND TREK ISON'S Earth September - October 2013 : Comet ISON appeared brighter gradually, enough for amateur astronomers to 1 COMET photograph, but not bright enough to be easily visible. Venus Mars January 2014 December 2013 Early November 2013 The comet is visible through binoculars. On November 12, Sun Comet ISON had an outburst, Mercury became much brighter as it approached its November 28 perihelion. November go13 ISON September 2013 3 Late November: Comet ISON is still in the east before dawn, drawing closer to the sun itself, heading for a November 28 closest point to the sun, also called perihelion. COMET ISON'S FUTURE Possible scenarios: Safe Trip Meteor Shower Death by Sun Comet ISON might pass safely and continue its journey over the northern part of earth. Everyone will be able to continue to study it. Comet ISON might pass t0o close to the sun, be pulled to pieces by its gravity. Some fragments might cause a meteor shower visible on earth. Comet ISON might be pulled into the Sun. This causes a harmless death for the comet and a huge explosion! COMET FACTS KOuntns Greek long-haired star Latin Cometes Comet Is a comet, a fiery rock blazing across the sky? Nope! It's made of ice. The flaming tail is chunks of ice reflecting the sun's rays Don't think you've seen a comet? A comet is a shooting star. So if you have seen a shooting star and made a wish, you are making a wish to a The name 'comet' came from the latin term 'cometes' and Aristotle first used the term "komçtçs' as 'stars with hair comet. Brought to you by: References: OPTICS CENTRAL plosion-ever-recorded-and-extreme-meteor-mayhem/story-fn5fsgyc-1226763432038 Australia's Optics Superstore IND THE SUN

Comet Ison

shared by opticscentral on Nov 20
Comet ISON was discovered around September last year and has been hyped to be the 'Comet of the Century'. However, whether ISON makes it past the sun, disintegrates or becomes pulled into the sun, rem...


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