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Can Your Language Change How You Perceive Certain Colors?

DO YOU SEE WHAT I SAY? Langiuage AFFECTS YOUR COLOR VISION HOW WHAT IS Color? A PHENOMENON OF LIGHT OR VISUAL PERCEPTION that enables one to differentiate Color otherwise identical objects A SPECIFIC COMBINATION OF HUE, SATURATION, AND LIGHTNESS OR BRIGHTNESS VIVIDNESS OR VARIETY OF EFFECTS OF IS AN INTANGIBLE PART OF THE WORLD that affects everything about us and around us LANGUAGE ORANGE BLUE MIND makes people suppresses feel warmer the appetite SPIRIT YELLOW BLUE can create a sense can calm us of optimism and or make us happiness feel sad Color affects chemicals and Color can heighten our processes in the mind BODY spiritual senses RED YELLOW causes memory increases retrieval to be concentration more detailed Color affects VIOLET WHITE EMOTIONS physical responses stimulates brings a spiritual sense of awareness harmony and balance Color can change our emotional state HOW MANY COLORS ARE THERE? PSYCHOPHYSICISTS THEORIZE THAT HUMANS CAN SEE 1,000 LEVELS OF LIGHT-DARK 0000000004 100 LEVELS OF RED-GREEN 100 LEVELS OF YELLOW-BLUE Together, this means we can see about Studies have found that conditions 10 MILLION such as the amount of light present and the color of the lighting also affect the colors we see 1,000 X 100X 100 %3D LEVELS OF COLOR BECAUSE THE CONDITIONS OF OBSERVATION ARE INFINITE, THE NUMBER OF PERCEIVABLE COLORS IS ALSO INFINITE HOW DOES Language AFFECT THE WAY WE SEE COLORS? STUDIES INDICATE THE LANGUAGE WE SPEAK AND OUR COLOR VOCABULARY AFFECT OUR ABILITY TO SEE COLORS Infants ARE NOT BORN WITH THE ABILITY TO SEE COLOR THEIR COLOR VISION DEVELOPS BY 3 - 5 MONTHS The language function of the brain automatically takes control BY THREE YEARS OLD Young children CATEGORIZE COLOR WITH MUCH MORE DISTINCTION Color is instantly transferred from the right to left hemisphere where language is processed SOME NOW BELIEVE THAT THE ABILITY TO SEE A COLOR IS DIRECTLY RELATED TO KNOWING A NAME FOR THE COLOR INTRODUCING THE Himba TRIBE The Himba of Northern Namibia have only 5 words for color English SPEAKERS Himba TRIBE CC BY-SA 3.0 via Hans Stieglitz 5 WORDS 11 COLOR CATEGORIES, AND HUNDREDS OF WORDS TO DESCRIBE COLORS FOR COLOR Each word describes a wide range of color "Serandu" "Zoozu" "Vapa" "Burou" "Dumbu" Anything dark; dark blue, dark green, dark brown, dark purple, dark red, black Mainly white, includes some shades of yellow Some shades of Beige, yellow and some light green Most shades of red, orange or pink greens and blues The Himba describe THE SKY as "Zoozu" The Himba describe both WATER & MILK as “Vapa One experiment shows the Himba see colors as differently as they describe them A computer displayed a ring comprised of several different squares Researchers asked the Himba to identify which square was a different color from the rest PART 1: PART 2: The squares were all green with one square being a slightly different shade The squares were green except for one blue square To English speakers, the difference was To the Himba, the difference was To English speakers, the difference was clearly visible To the Himba, the difference was imperceptible imperceptible clearly visible They use the same word The experiment shows a strong correlation between color recognition and language to describe both colors Russian BLUE Russian speakers do not have a general term for the color "blue" СИнИЙ ГОЛУБОЙ "siniy" "goluboy" dark light blues blues How does this AFFECT THEIR PERCEPTION OF BLUE compared to English speakers? English speakers are much quicker to identify VS. colors with two different names vs. colors with different shades, but the same name ex. red and green red and a slightly different shade of red Experiments showed Russian speakers identified different shades of blue much quicker than English speakers Which one of the two bottom squares matched the color of the top square Researchers tested to confirm that LANGUAGE WAS THE CAUSE This time participants recited nonsense words to occupy language processing areas of the brain THE TIME DIFFERENCE Russian speakers took just as long as English speakers to differentiate the same shades of blue DISAPPEARED so, WHAT COLOR IS YOUR Language? SO, WHATCOLOR IS YOUR Sources Presented by BEHR Singh, S. (2006). Impact of color on marketing. Management Decision, 44, 783-789 DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING

Can Your Language Change How You Perceive Certain Colors?

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You may not see blue the same way a native Russian speaker does, according to some linguists. Learn more about how language affects color perception from this infographic!






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