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The Benefits and Uses of Silver

THE BENEFITS AND USES OF SILVER One of the most useful metals on the planet, silver has been known for over 7,000 years! FACTS ABOUT SILVER Atomlc Propertles: Chemlcal Propertles Electromechanical Equivalent: 4.02g/amp-hr Atomic Radius: 1.75Å Electron Work Function: 4.26eV Shell Model: 47 Electronegativity: 1.93 (Paullng) Heat of Fusion: 11.3kJ/mol Atomic Volume: 10.3 cm³/mol Covalent Radius: 1.36Å lonic Radius: 1.26Å Ag Filling Orbital: 4d10 lonic Radius: 1.26Å (47P 61N, Physlcal Propertles Atomic Mass: 107.8682 Density: 10.5g/cc Melting Point: 1762°F / 961°c / 1234K Boiling Point: 3925°F / 2163°C / 2436K Electical Conductivity: 0.63x10/cm 2 Thermal Conductivity: 4.29w/cmK Valence Electrons: 4d10 5s' Oxidation States: 1 Electrons: 47 Neutrons: 61 107.8682 Protons: 47 USES OF SILVER While silver is has been used for centuries in jewelry, diningware, and currency, modern technology has lead to silver being used for many unique purposes today Silver is the most eletrically conductive metal and saw widespread use in electrical components during World War II due to the copper shortage. Today, silver is popularly used in high-end electronic devices, printed circuits, and audio/video components. Silver's malleable nature makes it popular as a compound for dental fillings. Silver's reflective properties make it popular as a coating for highly reflective mirrors. Silver halide crystals are used as the emulsion on photographic film because they darken when exposed to light, creating an image. Musical instruments Cloud seeding uses aircraft to release silver iodide into such as flutes are made from silver for both its durability and appearance. cloud systems to generate additional precipitation. For more information visit!

The Benefits and Uses of Silver

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Silver is one of the most useful metals on the planet, from basic uses like jewelry and silverware to brand new applications such as Thank You Silver. This poster shows the elemental properties of sil...




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