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9 methods Of energy Harvesting You Might Not Have Known About

МЕТНODS OF ENERGY HARVESTING YOU MIGHT NOT HAVE KNOWN ABOUT Piezoelectric This method obtains electric voltage or current from mechanical strains. Low-frequency seismic vibrations, acoustic noise and human motion are some of the examples of mechanical strain sources. Mostly this method operates in AC thereby requiring inputs that are time- varying at mechanical resonance in order to be efficient except in rare cases. Piezoelectric electricity sources are used for commercial purposes rather than system application as electricity here is produced in milliwatts which is only enough for hand held devices like wrist Force Charges Voltage 4 watch. Pyroelectric This effect produces electric voltage or current from temperature change. It is among the ferroelectric behavior type making it analogous to the piezoelectric effect. Just like piezoelectric electricity, it requires time varying inputs. In energy harvesting applications, the method suffers from small power outputs due to low operating frequencies. However, pyroelectric electricity maximizes thermodynamic efficiency as it makes it possible to harvest energy from high temperature sources. This is enabled by the fact that numerous materials of pyroelectric are stable up to 1200 degrees celcius or higher giving this method an advantage over the thermoelectrics. Pyroelectric Cell RE CE Thermoelectrics 3. This is electricity produced from the thermal gradient formed from two different conductors. Temperature gradient results in heat flow in a conducting material. As a result of this, there is diffusion of charge carriers. Voltage difference results from flow of charge carriers between cold and hot regions. Conducting Heat Source (hot) Insulating Heat Sink(cold) Magnetic induction 4 Magnets are highly sensitive even to minute vibrations. They produce micro-currents by moving in relation to conductors. This has been done practically in research centers and universities and the main limitation is the generator size which is too big to fit in the mobile technologies of our recent times. However plans to reduce the generator size are underway. MOVES UP MOVĚS DOWN COL MAGNETIC LINES OF CURRENT GALVANOMETER Blood sugar Oxidation of blood sugars is another technique of energy harvesting. The harvesters are termed as biofuel cells. They are used to power electronic devices that are implanted in a human's body for example the pacemakers, implanted active RFID devices and implanted biosensors for diabetics. Enzymes have been created in order to produce power from blood sugars. tevels of glucose Glucose Tree based Tree metabolic energy harvesting is a branch of bio-energy harvesting. Capturing physical motion of a tree in a generator is a way of extracting energy from trees. This power can be used in small electronic devices. P2 P1 P4 Metamaterial This is a wireless device that produces direct current from microwaves. This device can be used to harvest various signals including satellite signals, Wi-Fi signals and sound signals. One limitation is that once any load is attached very little or no current is produced due to low power. Electrostatic or capacitive 8. This one is based on varying capacitance of capacitors that are vibration dependent. Plates of a charged variable capacitor are separated by vibrations. Mechanical energy is then converted to electrical energy. To produce electricity from mechanical energy through vibrations a polarization source is needed by the electrostatic energy harvesters for them to work. E Q Smart transportation intelligent system Piezoelectric material that are embedded in to the smart roads are used to harness the energy from vehicles motion, weight & vibration which in turn used to control transportation management systems like synchronized traffic lights GPS tracking t vildat CENTRAL DEPOT L--------------

9 methods Of energy Harvesting You Might Not Have Known About

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Infographic about methods of energy harvesting for my renewable energy website


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