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23andMe and Parkinson's Disease

23andMe 23andMe and There's more work for us to do. An estimated four to six million people* around the world have Parkinson's disease Parkinson's (PD). Thanks to over 11,000 people in our research community we are actively working to better understand the genetics of PD. Disease: With your participation in research we can learn more about PD which could lead to better medicines, disease treatments and hopefully a cure. the power of numbers 23andMe Parkinson's Community 6+ 11K+ 8. years participants discoveries Thanks to these PD People with Parkinson's who have contributed to The 23andMe Parkinson's research community was launched in 2009 and has become the largest genotyped PD community in the world, enabling researchers to analyze the biggest cohort of genetic data on Parkinson's disease. participants, 23andMe has contributed to the discovery of 8 new genetic associations related to Parkinson's disease. 23andMe research. Milestones What 23andMe did in a matter of years would have taken several decades and tens of millions of dollars if done conventionally. - Haydeh Payami, New York State Department of Health Apr 2009 Our Parkinson's research community launches. We find two new genetic variants associated with Parkinson's. This provides evidence that there is a substantial genetic component yet to be discovered for Parkinson's. June 2011 We recruit the 10,000th research participant in the Parkinson's research community. Feb 2013 We contribute to the largest genome-wide association study on Parkinson's, looking at more than seven million DNA variants in 13,000 participants, including 4,000 23andMe PD research participants. The study leads to the discovery of six new associations of genetic variants with Parkinson's. July 2014 We partner with world-class pharma company Genentech to identify new drug targets and therapies by analyzing the complete DNA makeup (whole genome sequence data) of approximately 3,000 23andMe research participants. Jan 2015 Community Snapshot Being a part of the 23andMe Parkinson's research community means you are not alone. Someone else in our community has probably experienced the same treatment or challenges, and may have the same questions as you. Based upon the information we received from our surveys, below you'll find how community members are alike and how they are different. Age at Diagnosis > 80 < 39 70 - 79 2% 6% 11% 40 - 49 18% 60 - 69 31% 32% 50 - 59 First Symptoms 30% 60% Tremor Walking Handwriting Slow movement Other Balance Soft voice Type of Symptoms 30% 60% Symptoms are mostly tremors Symptoms are mostly slowness of movement, loss of balance and trouble walking. Treatments The most common types of PD medications taken by community members (in order of frequency): 60% 20% Rasagiline Pramipexole Ropinirole Controlled Carbidopa/ levodopa release carbidopa/ levodopa The power to affect change increases with the number of people participating in research and with greater amounts of data for researchers to mine and analyze. At 23andMe, we believe genetic data will play a critical role in Parkinson's research. Help advance Parkinson's research. Join our study today. Partners PARKINSON FOUNDATION causecare Genentech THE MICHAEL J. FOX FOUNDATION The Parkinson's Institute and Clinical Center FOR PARKINSON'S RESEARCH Source *National Parkinson Foundation:

23andMe and Parkinson's Disease

shared by 23andMe on Apr 17
There's more work for us to do. An estimated four to six million people around the world have Parkinson's disease (PD). Thanks to over 11,000 people in our research community we are actively working t...





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