2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season

HURRICANES 2010 is projected to be one of the worst hurricane seasons in recent years THE OUTLOOK 2010 Atlantic hurricanes forecast 2010 hurricane names Alex Bonnie Colin Danielle Earl Fiona 8-14 Storms predicted Gaston Hermine Igor Julia Karl 6. Lisa Matthew Nicole Otto Paula Average number of Atlantic Richard Shary Tomas Virginie Walter hurricanes per year Record high 15 Atlantic hurricanes times in of those anomalies in 2005 62 years The North Atlantic's monthly temperature occurred in 2010: February 12-year low 3 1.51 March Atlantic hurricanes was more than April May in 2009 Celsius above normal 1 Celsius THE RISKS the largest anomaly ever recorded above normal Four out of the 10 places on the International Hurricane Center's list of most vulnerable U.S. mainland areas are in FLORIDA 52 percent of the U.S. population lives in coastal counties in 2010, up 46 percent from 1970 1 New Orleans, La. 40% chance to be t any year 2 Lake Okeechobee 3 Florida Keys 4 Coastal Mississippi $8.9 trillion Total value of insured U.S. coastal properties vulnerable to hurricanes, according to the Insurance Information Institute 10 • 48% 5 Miami/Ft. Lauderdale. 6 Galveston/Houston chance any given year that a hurricane 7 Cape Hatteras, N.C. will strike either coastal Eastern Long Island community, making them the most likely U.S. hurricane targets 9 Wilmington, N.C. $100 Minimum estimate 10 Tampa/St. Petersburg billion of damage caused by hurricanes in 2005 THE SEASON = Official length of the Atlantic hurricane season JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH JULY APRIL MAY JUNE NOVEMBER 30th AUGUST SEPTEMBER OCTOBER DECEMBER 10th Latest date a tropical storm has been recorded in the Atlantic (twice) Average peak of the Atlantic |hurricane season 1954: Hurricane Alice 2005: Tropical Storm Zeta THE POWER Average width of an Atlantic hurricane Height of a storm surge in 1899 that hit Bathurst Bay, Australia, the largest-known 311 miles 42 feet wave ever caused by a hurricane An average hurricane contains Hurricane Wilma was the most 802 882 millibars of pressure on Oct.19, 2005 intense Atlantic hurricane billion ever measured at kilowatts of energy about 200 times the entire World's electrical generating capacity mnn Sources: NOAA, Insurance Information Institute, Met Office, Energy Information Administration Photos: NASA, rachel_thecat/Flickr Research: RusselI McLendon/MNN Infographic: Meredith Darlington/MNN

2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season

shared by maggie on May 13
Hurricane season is a stressful time. Mother Nature can destroy entire towns with a single storm. 2010 was predicted to be one of the biggest hurricane seasons in years and this infographic has inform...




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