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20 Amazing Facts You Didn't Know About Water

20 AMAZING WATER FACTS It takes 91 LITRES to produce one pint of beer One cotton T-shirt has The planet needs 200 MILLION LITRES of water a second to grow food 25 BATHS OF WATER embedded in it If the whole world's water was IN A 4 LITRE JUG, ACCESSIBLE FRESHWATER would account for JUST ONE TABLESPOON Only 1 in 5 water bottles are RECYCLED 1 in 9 people are WITHOUT ACCESS to water in the world The world's tallest water slide is 51.83 METRES HIGH HALF OF THE WORLD'S HOSPITAL beds are filled with people suffering from a WATER-RELATED DISEASE Across the world women & children spend a collective total of 140 MILLION HOURS every day FETCHING WATER EVERY 20 SECONDS 1CHILD DIES from a water related illness It's possible to SUPERCOOL heat water to over 100°C WITHOUT BOILING IT water can remain LIQUID EVEN AT Salt water can Water REGULATES the EARTH'S TEMPERATURE - 48.3°C POWER electric cars The US uses MORE WATER IN A DAY THAN it uses OIL IN A YEAR It takes 7.5 YEARS for the average US resident to USE THE SAME AMOUNT of water that flows over THE NIAGRA FALLS IN 1 SECOND 1 litre of BOTTLED WATER is more EXPENSIVE than 1 litre of PETROL in Australia EACH DAY the sun EVAPORATES A TRILLION TONS of water Baby Adult % OF WATER IN HUMAN BODY WEIGHT A leaky tap can WASTE 455 LITRES 80 70 of water A YEAR ableskills - SPECIALISTS IN CONSTRUCTION TRAINING - Sources uk/pages/fun-facts.html the-global-water-crisis.jpg uk/pages/fun-facts.html

20 Amazing Facts You Didn't Know About Water

shared by kaizensearch on Mar 23
Did you know that is takes 91 Litres of water to produce one pint of beer?





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