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10 Ends Of The World

10 ENDS OF THE WORLD What could possibly happen and how it could ruin our day O SUN COLLISION WITH O high panie O level O nininal panic level A SPACE OBJECT It already happened once, and it could happen again. But unlike dinosaurs, we should be able to detect course of poten- tially dangerous object good time ahead and try to divert or destroy it. Even the smallest diversion from its course in RED GIANT This is the only scenario that can't : be doubted. In approximately 5 billion years all the hydrogen in : the solar core will be changed into hellium and fusion reaction sufficient distance from Earth means that it would safely miss us. will cease. The sun will turn into a red giant and over time it will consume the nearest planets including ours. If nothing else happened in the meantime and we had 5 billion years of evolu- : tion ahead of us, chances are that : some big red giant would't cause us much trouble. A feeling of nostalgia doesn't count. -------- ------- ------- -- 99942 Apophis NANOCALYPSE Self-replicating nanobots constructed on molecular level could slip out of control and use all Earth matter including the planet itself for construction of other genera- tions and turn the whole planet into grey goo. HIT V Hassachusetts nininal O level GLOBAL NUCLEAR WAR Thousands of nuclear explo- sions. Densely populated areas are in ruins. Tons of nediun nedium O panie level O level radioactive materials in atmo- O USA sphere block the sunbeams. A global nuclear winter begins. The ozone layer collapses, the wind and the rain spread radioactive particles across the whole world. The survivors Yellowstone ------- - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - RISE OF THE MACHINES From mass production to defense - computers and robots are everywhere. Al development will soon reach the moment, when computers will be able to code them- fight among themselves for food and clean water. selves and won't need any humans. At that moment the machines will become inde- pendent from us and in the worst case scenarion they will see us only as parasites depriving them of valuable sources of the planet. SUPERVOLCANO : If Topa, the Indonesian volcano exploded today and not 71,500 years ago, it would be the end of civilization. The explosion of similar volcano - e.g. the one sleeping under Yellowstone National Park, would cause death of millions in perimeter of : hundreds of miles. The atmo- sphere would be filled with tons of volcanic ashes, dust as well as toxic and greenhouse gases. The following climatic changes would dramatically affect the entire planet. Only a few would survive. --........-.- O low panic O ievel O GLOBAL FATAL CLIMATE CHANGE Climate changes already took place in the course of history.. Only we weren't there then. Climate changes could lead either to a new Ice Age or, on the contrary, to dramatic tempera- ture increase and subsequent melting of polar ice caps. Anyway, it would be a disaster of biblical proportions. panic level CERN Switzerland minimal O panie level PANDEMIC Deadly and extremely virulent infection with sufficient incuba- tion period and no symptoms could threaten human existence SCIENTIFIC EXPERIMENT WENT WRONG :A particle accelerator, such as LHC in CERN, could create unknown particles of extreme nature. One of them is Strangelet, a hypothetical particle that a strange matter in the universe consists of. If Strangelet was created for a sufficiently long period, it would trigger off a chain reaction. Subsequently, Earth will become an uninhabitable object consisting of the strange matter. as living species. If the infection spreads fast (as e.g. flu does) and doesn't have any visible symp- toms for a longer period (as HIV does), it could be spread all over the world before effective quar- antine measures are put into use. Rediun O level O ALIEN INVASION Very popular subject when it comes to sci-fi. If that really took place, we wouldn't be able to stop the invasion of technologi- cally highly advanced civilization capable of interstellar travel. The fate of the planet and possi- ble survivors would depend on the attackers' intentions. rininal O panie level MADE BY VACULIK AEGON Transform tommorow We won't insure you againts Armageddon. But there are much more simpler disasters that could ruin your whole day, e.g. your neighbour's leaking washing machine or uninvited guest with criminal history. That's the time when property insurance by AEGON comes in handy. Learn more at 00000

10 Ends Of The World

shared by samuelbednar on Mar 14
What could possibly happen and how it could ruin your day... top 10 "real" threats ;)


Samuel Bednar


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