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Zine El Abidine Ben Ali

Zine El Abidine Ben Ali or Ben "à vie" - for life. BEN ALI BEN À VIE The times in which we live can no longer admit of life presidency or automatic succession, from which the people is excluded. November 7, 1987 We are establishing the Republic of tomorrow. May 12, 2002 The Republic of tomorrow enhances the present and paves the way for the future. July 25, 2002 In November 2010 Tunisia's president will celebrate his 23 years in power. Unless he tweaks the constitution again, this should be his final term as the upper age limit is 75. Ben Ali has been president of Tunisia since 7 November 1987. Previously a military figure, he took power from President Habib Bourguiba by a bloodless coup, after serving briefly as Prime Minister. He leads an authoritarian regime in the guise of a procedural democracy. In the Economist's 2008 Democracy Index Tunisia is classified as an authoritarian regime ranking 141 out of 167 studied countries (worse than The Peoples Republic of China, Egypt, Sierra Leone and Pakistan). Source: Wikipedia. Tunisians who dare to publicly criticise their veteran president, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, often quip that he should really be named Ben "à vie" - for life – because after 22 years he looks like staying in power for as long as he possibly can. Source: 2001, Since the start of August Tunisian newspapers have been full of carefully co-ordinated appeals by one state-sponsored institution after another calling on President Ben Ali to stand in 2004 2010, in July the ruling Constitutional Democratic Rally Party asked Ben Ali to "lead the state" for a sixth term |after his current term which, according to the Constitution, should end after four years Since 2005, government-controlled and pro-government newspapers, television channels, and radio stations started calling on Ben Ali to run for a fifth term in 2009 2002 controversial constitutional referendum allowed Ben Ali to seek reelection in 2004. Changes in the constitution included the elimination of presidential term limits, along with the setting of a maximum age ceiling of 75 years for a presidential candidate 1988 Tunisia's constitution was amended to allow presidents no more than two terms 1987 Coup removes Bourguiba. Ben Ali becomes new president. The coup is staged so that Bourguiba is declared senile, and Ben Ali uses the constitution to have himself appointed president 2010, Signed by 1.000 Tunisians, apetition appeared in August in the daily Al-Sabah and Le Temps, run by Ben Ali son-in-law Sakhr Matri, calling on Ben Ali to "accept the Presidential candidacy for 2014" adding that "The President can appeal to the people to change the constitution through a referendum' 1998 After Ben Ali's first two terms in office, a new amendment allowed a third term 1989 Ben Ali gets his infamous 99.27% of the ballots in his first presidential elections 1994 Ben Ali was reelected. This time the reported results show 99.91% in his favour 1999 Ben Ali was reelected for a third term with 99.66% of the vote 2004 Ben Ali officially taking 94.48% of the vote |2009 he was reelected for a fifth term with 89.28% of the 2014 vote 1987 1988 1989 1994 1998 1999 2001 2002 2004 2005 2009 2010 2014 Ist term: 1989 - 1994 2nd term: 1994 - 1999 3rd term: 1999 - 2004 4th term: 2004 - 2009 5th term: 2009 - 2014 August 2010 - Tunisian activists are pushing for a signature campaign for a petition advocating curbs on executive power, in light of President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali's recent attempts to extend his rule for a sixth term. Elections 1936 September 3: Born in Hammam Sousse. 1958: Becomes director of military security. a 1974: Is appointed military attaché to Morocco. a 1977: Becomes director of national security of the interior ministry. The petition states that the signatories "declare our whole-hearted rejection of E 1979: Becomes general, and is appointed ambassador to Poland. 1984 January: Returns as director of national security. - October: Ben Ali becomes secretary of state of national security. 1985 October: Becomes minister of national security. " 1986 April: Is appointed interior minister. - May: Is appointed minister of state for internal affairs. N 1987 October 2: Becomes prime minister. Constitutional Amendments Psychological Preparation Of Public Opinion ;a By Design by sami ben gharbia Source: Wikipedia & Nawaat. Date of creation: August 23, 2010 Cartoon by Tunisian blogger and cartoonist Z attempts to manipulate the Constitution with the aim of enabling president Ben Åli to run in the upcoming presidential elections, preserving a never-ending rule that amounts to a masked monarchy," adding, “We also declare our unnegotiable rejection of any plans for the transfer of power to any member of the president's family or influential individuals close to him. Source:, August 19th, 2010 nawaälği

Zine El Abidine Ben Ali

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This infographic provides information about Tunisian president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. It provides a brief history about him and how he came to power. It also provides a timeline showing his 23 reign...




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