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Your New Health Care System

Your New Health Care System Homeland Security Department Congress Members & Personal Staff National Academy Eligibility Assessment Key National Commission on Key CLASS Oher New of Sciences Life Special Interest IRS Grant Programs Independence Advisory Council Congress 1312, 1411, 3311, 6e06, s002 President Independence Accounts Indicators Mandate: 59 Indicator System Implementation Institute S1411 System Provisions 领 3012,3004 , 3403 , 4001 . B000. 10020 19 Only Exchange Coverage CLASS Treasury State Protection & Advocacy Systems Independence H1401, 1400, 1411, 1412 1414, 1421, 1501, 9004, 900n, 1010s, 1001; HCERA 1401, 1402 Social Department Personal Care Atendants WI3I1, 1331, 4008, B000, 10104 Fund Office Security Administration Workdorce Advisory Panel of Tax CLASS CLASS Analysis W1331, i0104 Independence Benefit Plan Program CLASS Comptroller General ISI3, 1322 Office of Independonce Fund Board of Trustoes S8002 Personnel Mahi- Disciplinary Panela on proving Lone Term Care MedPAC Advisory Doard on Eider Ab, Neglect Community Preventive Services Task Force 14003 Management Other New Demonstration & Pilot Programs Cue tional Health Public National Training tatinut. for Federal and Stane Serveyors National GAO Acceleration PCORI Pablic Education 16708 Campaign on Prevention & Health M1401, 3001, 340a, 6301 1010s, 1000 Website Review Bourd Education 26 PCORI Board Campaign State Vital Optional Basic Health Surveyors jeros Promotion Statistics of Governors 4004 Agencies s10407 Elder Cures Acceleration Network Program 1331, so104 Office of Neglect, & Multi-State Qualified Health Plans $1334, 10104 Justice Coordinating CDC National Diabetes Mortality Statiatics Education Training Program National PCORI 3,4004, 410a, 1040T SI0400 Partnership on Prevention & PCORI Council Methodology Committee NIH Essential Health 6703 Promotion Justice Department 4305, 6301. States B311.1 Health Benefits Package 6301 NAIC Health I333, 1341 10104 Care Choice Interagency Working Group 10407 Compacts MI333, 10104 on Health Care AHRO gso12, s013, 60s1 PCORI Other New Quality Trust Fund Bureaucracies Reinsurance PCORI Expert Advisory 3012 22 Program I341, 10104 National Prevention, Health Promotion, Value-Based Insurance Design & Coverage of Preventive Health Services US Panels Qualified Prevention & Public Health Fund s301 Territories Black Lung Benefits Act Surgeon General Health US Preventive s1323; HCEA S1204 & Public Health Plans S1301, 1302, 1311. 10104 4002 Council 4001 S1001 Labor s4001 Department Services Task Force Webaite SIO0L, 1308, 131. ISI, IS12, 1513, 006. 1O101. 10106 H004 $1001 Co-OP Interagency Secretary Webste anparency Privacy Study Advisory Hours of Service Pain Research Health Determination for Calculating Employer Mandate Penalty Other New Regulatory Programs Advisory Group on Prevention, Health. Board J1322. 10104 Coordinating Public Committee Insurance Health Service Promotion, and Co-OP Integrative and Health & Human 3011, 4002, 4302 Eligibility Determinations W1322, 10104 Private Purchasing Public Health Rules for Insurance Claims Appeals Government 14001 HHS Services Hoalth Inspector General Care Quality Council Website 3011, 3018 Health Benefit 1001, 10101 S1313. 8008, Internet Portal National Exchanges Public National Health Strategy & Priorities Office Health Disparities Data Collection & Health Quality & Health Eiciency Measuren Development HI201, 1301,13ce, 1311, 1312, 1313, 1321. 1323. L334, 1411, 1413. 10104 HCERA SI204 Medicare Program 301, 10304 Reporting System IT Policy Committee Part A Trust Small Business Health Options S1561 4302 Fund Risk 6301.a01 Corridors Program IPAB Collection S1311 S1343 MEWA Medicare Health Plans 1301, 6e0s 3403, 1030 Insurance IPAB Part B Trust Mandates Consumer Fund Federal Coordinated Employer Mandate: 1001, 1101. 1201, 1251. Mandatory Worker Auto- Enrollment CMS Advisory Council pon, 6301 17 w2 Actuary Small Group Loan Community- Health Repayment A Tergivenes Praarams Market S1301, 1304. 1342 Provide Health Insurance 403, 10300 Based Care Health Care Insurance Individual Market 1201, 1301, 1304, 1542 Tranaitiona Office Disclosure 9002 Program CMS SISI3, 1010 HCERA SIO00 geece Medical Center Device Excise Tax Large Employers W304, 1811. 1612, 1613, 1514, 10106 for Medicare HO13, 301, a0os 3403, 1005, 1030, 10320 Health Insurance Companies Large Group Market Mi201, 1301, 1811 & Medicaid Medicaid НСЕRА Health Home Program Medicaid/ Medicare Self-Insured S1406 Innovation Health Agencien Home Ambulatory Skilled Nursing CHIP Part C & Part D Health Plans Surgical Centers o, 10301 a1, 10sos, Mandates, Regulations, Required Benefits, & Employers Non- Insurers Facilities co, 10310 3006 FFS Hospital Value-Based Taxes 1001, 1201, 12ss. 1301, 1334, 1341. 3311, 9001, 10. 10101. 10104. 10901 Accountable Mandates, Regulations, Medical Device Manufacturers oo0e, 10904 HCEBA 1405 Cadillac & Taxes Care State Small Employers S1304, 1311, 1421. I612. Purchasing Plans" Tax I1, 1518, 1813, s001, 9002, 10106, L0001: HCERA 1003, 1402 Organizations Program 5302i, 1007 Individual Health Industry Program Medicaid wooo1, 10901: HCERA S1401 Medicaid Expansion: +16 million 001-2004 Hospitals g1311, 3001, 10330 Denonata con Program Annual Fee Wo10, 1090s: HCERA S1406 Mandate: Agencies Subsidies: Health Insurance Buy Health Insurance MIS01, 1010s: HCERA MI000. 1004 Mandates, Regulations, Pharmaceutical Policy Holder g1001, 10101 Out-of-Pocket Dacionare Taxes, & Payment Cuts 1311. 3001-300, 3311. 00, 0O 10327, 10331, 10335, 10004 HCERA W1404. 1405 CBO Cost Estimale, Small Companies S008, HCERA S1404 Medicare Hospital Value-Based Expenses W0e. 1412 Large Business Employees SIB11, iB1a 3/20/10 Business Medicare Cuts: $528.9bn (includes MA cuts) State- Administrative Health Savings Accounts Annual Fee НСЕВА Health Insurance Specific Adult Health Quality Measures saroi Contractors Purchasing Program oi, 10as Tax Credit Me003, PO04 M1421, Medicare 1010s Hospital Compare Tide 202 CBO Cont Estimato Small Business Medicare Individuals Hospice Programs sio04 Webeite 13001 "Excessive Employees Misuse of HSA Funds PPS-Exempt 3.8% 10% 1512 Advantage Cuts: $205.9bn. Investment Income Mandates, Regulations, & Taxes 311, 1411, 1501, s003-00s, B013, Profits" Cancer Hospitals s300s Medicaid Tax On 1001, 1010 si004 Inpatient Rehabilitation Subsidy: Medicare Part D Drug Program "Donut Hole" 1; HCERA Indoor Tanning Services: W017 Premium Physicians Long-Term Care Hospitals sa004 Physician Quality Reporting System 301, 1001R NCIA 10, CBO Cot Eatimate 3/20/10 Quality Measurement Tax Credit Physician Value-Based Payment Subsidies M1401. 1412. 10105 ICERA MI001, Facilities Program HCERA 1002, 1004. 1402, 1403 Medicare Hospita Quality Reporting тостат 63004, apon 91311, 300a, 3000, 1027, 10331 Prescription Drug and MA-PD Medicare Payroll Tax Increase: 0.9% Flexible Spending Arrangement 005, 1000 HOERA I Modifier omplaint System $3311 HSA Use Restriction Medicare gO1s, 100e HCERA SI40 Beneficiaries FSA Contribution Limit: $2,500 wo0S, 10000 HCERASI 403 Only Medical Expenses Above 10% of Income (AGI) are Tax Deductible Patients New Relationships → Regulations/ Requirements/Mandates - Reporting Requirements - Oversight - Money Flows Consultation/Advisory/ Info Sharing New Government Expanded Government Private Government with Private Entity with New Mandates/ Regulations/ Responsibilities Rationing Potential Mandates Expanded Authority/ Responsibility HSA: Health Savings Account IPAB: Independent Payment Advisory Board AGI: Adjusted Gross Income AHRQ: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality CDC: Centers for Disease Control & Prevention CHIP: Children's Health Insurance Program CLASS: Community Living Assistance Services & Supports MedPAC: Medicare Payment Advisory Commission. CMS: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Se Taxes & Monetary Fees/ Penalties/Cuts Involvement in Health IRS: Internal Revenue Service Government Financial Entity with New Inflows/ Outflows Insurance Market MA-PD: Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act, P.L. 111-148; Health Care & Education Reconciliation Act, P.L. 111-152 Prepared by: Joint Economic Committee, Republican Staff Congressman Kevin Brady, Senior House Republican Senator Sam Brownback, Ranking Member Unchanged Private Entity A Services MERD: Medical Early Risk Detection EALORS: Executive Auxiliary Lánked Office Regional Systems MEWA: Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement NAIC: National Association of Insurance Commissioners Trust Fund Other Expansions cO-OP: Consumer Operated & Oriented Program FFS: Fee-for-Service FSA: Flexible Spending Arrangement GAO: Govermment Accountability Office HCERA: Health Care & Education Reconciliation Act HHS: Health & Human Services Department (Rationing Potential) Represents Bundles of O Additional Entities State/Territory with Expanded Authority/ Responsibility NIH: National Institutes of Health Special Interest A Provisions Other New Trust Funds/ Structural Connections PCORI: Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute Monetary Benefits (Includes Existing) PPS: Prospective Payment System

Your New Health Care System

shared by amccartney on Jul 17
Rep. Kevin Brady's (R- Texas) representation of the complication brought about by new Democratic-sponsored health care legislation.


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