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A World Without Wikipedia

On January 18th, Wikipedia blacked A WORLD WITHOUT WIKIPEDIR out its English language encyclopedia for 24 hours in protest to SOPA. The Stop Online Piracy (SOPA) and Protect IP (PIPA) Acts are proposed U.S. legislation that could decimate the foundations of websites like Wikipedia websites that are large-scale manifestations of the social Web 2.0. SOPA would hurt Wikipedia by forcing it to remove websites from its citations, even if those sites contained credible and authoritative information on them. According to SOPA proponents, these sites may be "illegally" referencing copyrighted information, Not only does this hurt Wikipedia's content-it also bars Americans from accessing free inform├Ątion. ALSO BLACKED OUT: WIKIPEDIA CONTRIBUTORS WOULD NO LONGER HAVE A HOME 74 72 REDDIT The site has 744,572 writers working on English content. 4,00000 MOZILLA Together, they've produced nearly 4 million informative articles, FOR SREE CHEEZBURGER Just because they wanted to better the world, for free. NETWORK IF EVERY IN 2005* THE BRITISH JOURNAL NATURE FOUND THE SCIENCE ARTICLES ON WIKIPEDIA AS ACCURATE AS ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA. WIKIPEDIA ARTICLE WERE 500 *They stand by this study today COST TO USE WIKIPEDIA: NUTHIN' WORDS, THAT'D BE 40,000 NOVELS' $69.95/YR WORTH OF COST TO USE BRITANNICA: CONTENT. These laws allow U.S. private industry to Experts say the laws could weaken censor and weaken the internet the web's inter-workings U.S. governments could block "infringing" Causing decreased Internet security domains and sue U.S. search engines for and instability in the global Domain including these domains in their listings Name System. There's no telling what would happen to the world's Internet if other countries followed suit with similar laws. The online space would be changed forever - and certainly not for the better. CREATED BY: ONLINEUNIVERSITY.NET HTTP://wwW.THEWEEK.CO.UK/TECHNOLOGY/44432/WIKIPEDIA- ALTERNATIVES-WHERE-GO-DURING-PIRACY-BLACKOUT HTTP://STATS.WIKIMEDIA.ORG/EN/TABLESWIKIPEDIANSCONTRIBUTORS.HTM *HTTP://BLOG.WIKIMEDIA.ORG/2011/12/13/HOW-SOPA-WILL-HURT-THE-FREE-WEB-AND-WIKIPEDIA/ HTTP://www.EXPLAINSOPA.COM/ HTTP://www.THEVERGE.COM/2011/12/22/2648219/STOP-ONLINE-PIRACY-ACT-SOPA-WHAT-IS-IT HTTP://EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG/WIKI/WORD_COUNT This work is licensed under a Creative Co mmons License.

A World Without Wikipedia

shared by Ariela on Jan 18
On January 18th, 2012, Wikipedia blacked out its English website for 24 hours in protest of SOPA.


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