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Women of War: Female Soldiers On The Front Line

Women Serving in the Military (Percent Women) Military Moms The Issue of Sexual Assault WOMEN of Active Duty 5.3% of single parents are in the U.S. military More than 19,000 service members were raped or sexually assaulted in 2010 Army 13.5% Marine Corps 7.5% WAR Navy 16.0% Air Force 19.2% 12% of women in the Army are single parents Coast Guard 13.1% Total Active 14.5% FEMALE SOLDIERS AT LEAST of the military women who died while serving in Iraq or Afghanistan were mothers 25% Reserve Of those who experienced unwanted sexual contact.. 79% Army 21.9% Marine Corps 5.6% chose not to report it ON THE FRONT LINE Divorce Rate is Higher Among Women in the Military Navy 19.3% Air Force Military women are more likely to be raped by a fellow soldier than 26.3% Percent of military Percent of military men who have been divorced: women who have For millennia, the fields of war belonged Coast Guard 16.4% been divorced: exclusively to men. But in recent years, 8% tens of thousands of American women Total Reserve 19.6% have entered the modern warfare arena, where they fight and die alongside their killed by enemy fire in Iraq. National Guard male counterparts. We took a look at women in uniform today-not only where Army National Guard 14.3% and how they serve, but how they have Air National Guard 18.4% endured discrimination, parental hardship, and sexual harassment. Total Active 15.2% *The Pentagon does not release data on Reserve and National Guard members, or members who divorced after leaving the military. - Jane Harman, former U.S. Congresswoman Historical Glimpse: Women in Military Conflicts (Number of Women Involved) - 1898 1914 - 1918 - 1939 - 1945 1950 - 1953 1955 - 1975 1983 1989 1991 OPERATION Spanish-American War Operation Desert Storm Invasion of Invasion of World War I World War II Korean War Vietnam War Grenada Panama DESERT STORM 1,500 35,000 400,000 1,000 7,500 170 770 41,000 Approximately 41,000 women were deployed to Operation Desert Storm in Iraq, making it the largest single deployment of U.S. military women in history. With the exception of direct combat, they served in all areas of the opera- tion. Two were prisoners of war and five were killed in action. As of 2009, more than 750 female soldiers have been killed or wounded in action in either the war in Iraq or Afghanistan. II Sources: // // // // // // U.S. Coast Guard // U.S. Department of Defense // A COLLABORATION BETWEEN GOOD AND COLUMN FIVE

Women of War: Female Soldiers On The Front Line

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The fields of war have belonged to men for millenia. In recent decades, that has been changing fast. This infographic presents the female face of armies: where they've served, where they've fought and...





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