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Women in the Presidential Cabinet

WOMEN IN THE PRESIDENTIAL CABINET The President's most important advisors are the members of Cabinet. The first female Cabinet member was Patricia Harris in 1933; since then, there have been 26 women in the Cabinet. ★★★★**** CABINET DIVERSITY 23% were minorities 000000 Condoleezza Rice Hazel O'Leary Alexis Herman Elaine Chao Hilda Solis Patricia Harris *★★★★★★★★* WHAT KINDS OF DEGREES DID THESE WOMEN HAVE? 80% had a graduate degree 46% 31% 46% earned J.D.s 31% earned Master's degrees 12% 8% 12% earned Ph.Ds 8% held MBAS *★★★★★* CAN THESE SUPERWOMEN HAVE IT ALL? 81% 54% 81% were married at some point in their lives 54% had children, as opposed to 73% of women with advanced degrees in the general population ***** **** MOST IMPRESSIVE CABINET WOMEN MULTILINGUIST EXTRAORDINAIRE Madeleine Albright, Secretary of State • Fluent in English, French, Russian and Czech • Speaks and reads Polish and Serbo-Croatian MULTITALENTED MUSICIAN AND ACADEMIC Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State • Ph.D from Stanford in political science • Stanford professor and Provost • Accomplished pianist; performed with Yo-Yo Ma and Aretha Franklin SOCIAL JUSTICE FIGHTER Elaine Chao, Secretary of Labor • CEO of the United Way • Received the Woodrow Wilson Award for Public Service POLITICAL ACADEMIC Donna Shalala, Secretary of Health and Human Services • Ph.D in political science • Professor at Baruch College and Columbia University, President of Hunter College and Chancellor of UW-Madison POLITICIAN EXTRAORDINAIRE Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State • Served as First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State JD from Yale Law School; First female partner at Rose Law Firm PUBLIC ADVOCATE Hazel O'Leary, Secretary of Energy • Declassified Cold War records describing U.S. nuclear testing during the Cold War • Increased government transparency and encouraged public trust ★★★★* THE HISTORY OF WOMEN IN CABINET Frances Perkins Labor (1933) Oveta Culp Hobby Health, Education and Welfare (1953) Carla Hills Housing and Urban Development (1975) Juanita Kreps Commerce (1977) Patricia Harris Health and Human Services (1979) Shirley Hufstedler Education (1979) Margaret Heckler Health and Human Services (1983) Ann Dore McLaughlin Elizabeth Dole Labor (1987) Lynn Martin Labor (1991) Labor (1989) Janet Reno Justice (1993) Barbara Franklin Hazel R. O'Leary Energy (1993) Madeline Albright State (1997) Donna E. Shalala Commerce (1992) Health and Human Services (1993) Alexis M. Herman Gale Norton Ann M. Veneman Elaine Chao Margaret Spellings Education (2005) Labor (1997) Interior (2001) Agriculture (2001) Labor (2001) Janet Napolitano Homeland Security (2009) Condoleezza Rice Mary E. Peters Transportation (2006) Hillary Clinton State (2009) Kathleen Sebelius State (2005) Health and Human Services (2009) nerd wallet We de the homework for you. Hilda Solis Labor (2009) ШЩ ШЩ ШЩ щ ШШ ши ДЩ ШШ ШЩ ШЩ шщ ME

Women in the Presidential Cabinet

shared by raggyvan on Jan 08
Women have been heavily underrepresented in Cabinet, with only 26 women ever serving as Cabinet secretaries. In his first term, President Obama had the most female Cabinet members out of any U.S. Pre...


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