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Who Was the Fittest President?

RED BLUE VS THE FITTEST PRESIDENTS Here's a brief history of the nation's Athletes-in-Chief – and how the current candidates stack up. MEET THE OVAL OFFICE ALL-STARS ............. ...... .................. GEORGE ABRAHAM LINCOLN JOHN WASHINGTON QUINCY ADAMS ................ Legend has it he was strong enough to chop down his father's cherry tree, but Washington was known for his physical size and strength. He was one of Virginia's best horsemen, and his muscles were intimidating on the battlefield. Adams was known to The old rail-splitter grew up on hard physical labor, farming, and performing odd jobs wherever needed. His hard-working back- ground remained part of his identity throughout his political career. take daily 5 am swims in the Potomac River - completely nude. HERBERT HOOVER DWIGHT JOHN F. EISENHOWER KENNEDY ........... President Hoover's physician invented a volleyball-tennis hybrid to keep thecommander- in-chief fit. Played with heavy medicine balls on the White Eisenhower was a passion- ate golfer and popularized the game during and after his presidency. He was later inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame for his JFK institutionalized the concept of fitness like none before him, expanding the President's Council on Fitness and publishing his national fitness platform in Sports Illustrated. House lawn, "Hooverball" is still played today. contributions to the sport. Анн RONALD REAGAN GERALD GEORGE H.W.BUSH FORD & GEORGE BUSH ................ As president, Gerald Ford wasn't exactly known for his physical grace. But as a former University of Michi- gan football player, Ford was one of the nation's being assassinated in 1981, Reagan started regularly lifting weights to help recover. In his 70s, the president regularly used his regime as an example to get senior citizens active. After almost The father-and-son presidential combo both played baseball for Yale and remained active through their presidencies. The younger Bush also ran a 3:44 marathon in the early 90s. top linebackers and led the Wolverines to two national championships. ....... NOT AFFILIATED REPUBLICAN PARTY DEMOCRATIC PARTY ............... THE HALL OF SHAME *....... ........ .***............ ................... ANDREW JACKSON GROVER WILLIAM CLEVELAND TAFT The hot-headed president was a fan of alcohol and tobacco, and his sport of choice was dueling. He likely experienced lead poisoning from the bullets lodged in his body from several duels. A lifetime smoker and heavy drinker, Cleveland once tried to limit himself to four beers per day but ultimately decided A notorious yo-yo dieter, Taft's weight often hovered well over 300 pounds on his 5'11" frame. that was too restrictive. THE RACE IS ON! In a race where healthcare is a hot-button issue, how do today's candidates stay fit? MITT BARACK ROMNEY OBAMA Mitt Romney is said to be in excellent health for his age. The Mormon Republican nominee is a lifelong abstainer from alcohol and tobacco. President Obama is a notorious gym rat and has been known to work out multiple times per day, and up to six days per week. He's a basketball fanatic and also lifts weights several times per week. Romney's exercise of choice? The elliptical. He also occasionally runs on the treadmill. An off-and-on smoker for several decades, President Obama recently kicked the habit – hopefully for good. The president's wife is also famed for her commitment to fitness and is a big proponent of strength training. ..... ........ PAUL JOE BIDEN RYAN Paul Ryan is perhaps the fittest vice presidential candidate ever. He follows the P90X workout regime, though his claims about his body fat percentage and marathon times have been hotly The oldest of the four candidates at almost 70, Joe Biden still maintains an active lifestyle with a blend of running, cycling, and resistance training focusing on his core. contested. Think you have what it takes to compete with the Nation's top dog? Let us know: Would you follow in the fitness footsteps of a past president, or create your own presidential fitness routine? Greatist SOURCES tical-workouit-too/

Who Was the Fittest President?

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Ever wonder which presidents deserved a gold medal for fitness and which could use some tips on living a healthier life? Here’s a breakdown of our commanders in chief through the years — and a loo...




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