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What If Our Greatest Presidents Never Ran For Office?

What if OUR GREATEST PRESIDENTS never ran for office? America has a long history of greatness, and none embodies that better then our greatest Presidents. These men, by their outstanding deeds, have made history by shaping our society. This they have in common, but how are they different? What if they didn't become President? What would they have become? WHAT HE DID Ended slavery, upheld the Union, Emancipation Proclamation. WHAT HE MIGHT HAVE BEEN Lincoln was famously strong, and his talent with an axe is well-known. It has been reported that while working in New Salem he was witnessed to have lifted a crate filled with stones that weighed over 1000 lbs. ABRAHAM LINCOLN LUMBER JACK 1000 Ibs WHAT HE DID Lead the fight for independence. Gave up total power willingly. Principal founder of the United States. Father of the Country. WHAT HE MIGHT HAVE BEEN Well known for being a farmer and plantation owner, Washington was the largest distiller of Rye Whiskey in Virginia, producing over 11,000 gallons annually. XXX GEORGE WASHINGTON WHISKEY DISTILLER XXX 11,000 Gallons = 5 Bathtubs WHAT HE DID Principal author of the Declaration of Independence. Louisiana Purchase. Founding Father. WHAT HE MIGHT HAVE DONE Jefferson studied Zoology in his spare time, and his interest in animals was lifelong. In fact, Lewis and Clark gave him two grizzly bears that he kept with him in the White House. THOMAS JEFFERSON -VS- 0 Zoo KEEPER JEFFERSON ALL OTHER PRESIDENTS WHAT HE DID Helped end the Russo-Japanese War - earned a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts. Built the Panama Canal. Led American conservation, creating 5 national parks. WHAT HE MIGHT HAVE BEEN As a child, TR founded the Roosevelt Museum of Natural History and spent many days cataloguing various species of animals. He eventually donated most of his collection to the Smithsonian. THEODORE ROOSEVELT # of Animals TEDDY Killed NATURALIST 5000* # of Animals TEDDY SAVED Off the Charts (In the TENS OF MILLIONS)* WHAT HE DID New Deal. Won WII. Gave hope to Americans during the Great Depression. Was President for unprecedented 4 terms. WHAT HE MIGHT HAVE BEEN For a time while at Harvard, FDR was the managing editor for The Harvard Crimson, and incited numerous reforms to school policy with his sometimes scathing editorials. This was a pre-cursor to his liberalist policies while in office. FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT SOCIAL ACTIVIST BEFORE FOR AFTER FDR Amount of fire-fighting equipment in Harvard Yard WHAT HE DID Civil Rights Bill of 1957. WWI and II. Ended the Korean War. Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956. Kept America at peace during the Cold War. WHAT HE MIGHT HAVE BEEN Eisenhower was an excellent chef, and had a kitchen added to the White House family quarters so he could cook his own meals. Occasionally he would even grill steaks on the roof. DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER A. = Time Eisenhower spent writing speeches СНEF B. = Time Eisenhower spent cooking for his family C. = Time Eisenhower spent being president B. WHAT HE DID Ended the Cold War. Reaganomics. Peace through Strength. Restored a jaded America's faith in the government. WHAT HE MIGHT HAVE BEEN He already was an actor, and not a bad one (have you seen the original Million Dollar Baby?). Appearing in 77 movies, T.V. shows, and documentaries, Reagan could easily have gone the way of an Eastwood or Howard... really. RONALD REAGAN RONALD REAGAN FILM DIRECTOR 77 ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER 51 On-Screen Appearances WHAT HE DID Created the Peace Corps. Won the Pulitzer Prize. Supported the African-American Civil Rights Movement. Brought the sexy back to federal politics. WHAT HE MIGHT HAVE BEEN JFK was a gifted golfer, and felt he had to hide his ability from the American public, fearing they would believe he was more interested in his swing then improving the lives of ordinary JOHN F. KENNEDY Americans. PRO GOLFER AVG. GOLFER +15.2 - VS- +7-11 JFK WHAT HE DID Added the Bill of Rights to the Constitution. Chief architect of State unity. Defended American from the British. Father of the Constitution. WHAT HE MIGHT HAVE BEEN When Madison reached adulthood, he inherited the family's 5000 acre tobacco plantation. If Madison didn't enter politics (his only job) he would've followed in his father's footsteps. JAMES MADISON FARMER 100 million Ibs TOBACCO PRODUCED NEVER SMOKED A CIGARETTE WHAT HE DID Became first African-American president. Enacted major health care reform legislation. Killed Osama Bin Laden. WHAT HE MIGHT HAVE BEEN Obama is an accomplished writer of poignant, absorbing prose, and the quality of his speeches is oft-admired. Less well-known is that when a 19-year-old student at Occidental College, he published two poems for the school's literary magazine. Filled with urgent, tactile imagery, his poetic style has been compared to American folk poets Langston Hughes and Carl Sandburg. BARACK OBAMA POET McCullough, Noah (2006) The Essential Book of Presidential Trivia, New York: Random House Lamon, Ward H. (1872) The Life of Abraham Lincoln, Boston: Osgood General Article (2010), "Theodore Roosevelt and the Environment" SOURCES *T Roosevelt - Calculations are approximate based on wildlife populations in 5 Roosevelt-created national parks

What If Our Greatest Presidents Never Ran For Office?

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You’d be surprised by what our former leaders might have done if they hadn’t been president. Have you ever wondered how Abraham Lincoln might have paid the bills if he hadn’t been elected presid...


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