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Westboro Baptist Church

WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH aka the worst. family. EVER. Mark Phelps "left the church Dorotha Phelps Nate Phelps "left the church Elizabeth Marie Phelps born 1962 "left the church Fred Waldron Phelps, Sr. Katherine Phelps "left the church Margerie "Margie" It's only a matter of time til we find out born 1929 married M. Simms Family members (either by blood or marriage) who are believed to be currently active in WBC activities. Founder of WBC that Kansas offers Some sources allege that born 1925 home stays with the as a result of Brent having attorney (disbarred!) Phelps family as an K been adopted by Fred Sr, Brent and Shirley are actually brother and sister in addition to being alternative to incarceration. Margie Jean Phelps born 1956 There are a LOT of lawyers in this family. And their firm is Former WBC members who have left. spouses. Which beats out Shirley's son Samuel, who appears to have married his cousin. reportedly well-respected in Topeka. Which is sure to make a lot of people have a lot less respect for Topeka. employed in some current status unknow y; Current membership status/activity Jevel unknown. Abigail Phelps born 1968 Kansas Juvenile Offender program Efforts were made wherever possible to protect the identities of anyone under the age of 18. I mean, maybe these This really doesn't pose any issues. Gay people have no interest in fitness Minor child. anyway. Also, I bet she teaches Zumba. kids hate their parents just Phelps Chartered (family run law firm in Topeka, Kansas) as much as the rest of us Kansas Board of (Update: The YMCA emailed to say she doesn't work there, and hasn't since 1992.) Shirley Lynn Phelps-Roper born 1957 Brent D. Roper born 1963 did at that age. Let's hope married Corrections so. Rebekah Chris Davis born 1955 married Phelps-Davis born 1961 Charles William Mary Hockenbarger "kicked out of church circa 2003 human resrouces "Bill" Hockenbarger "kicked out of married relative of Chris Davis church circa 2003 lawyer employed in some capacity: current status unknown Micaiah YMCA Minor Topeka, Kansas Phelps-Davis born 1992 Theresa Ann child Davis born 1960 National Association of Insurance Lydia Phelps- Karl D. Hockenbarger Minor Deborah Kay Hockenbarger born 1953 Commissioners (NAIC) Davis born 1953 child married born 1993 Davis R. Phelps *kicked out of church in 2005 Fred Waldron Phelps, Jr. born 1953 Betty Joan Schurle-Phelps married born 1952 Rachel I. Charles F. Hockenbarger born 1974 Phelps- Hockenbarger born 1965 Elizabeth "Libby Phelps (now Libby Phelps Alvarez) *left the church married Human resources? That's just silly. Is this a joke? Come on insurance industry. You guys are known for not being dicks. Give this guy a job denying claims. Sara Jacob Z. Phelps born 1983 Phelps born 1981 Benjamin C.Phelps born 1975 employed in some capacity: married Mara Jones current status unknown Phelps Paulette Phelps Minor child Minor child Jonathan Baxter Phelps born 1959 married Osslander born 1961 Timothy Bryan Phelps Lee Ann married Minor child Phelps-Brown born 1966 born 1963 James Hackenbarger "left the church attorney; current status unknown Shawnee County Sheriff's Department/ Department of Corrections Minor child David Hackenbarger born 1990 Minor child Minor child Megan Phelps- Roper born 1986 Minor child Joseph M. Phelps born 1989 Benaiah Michael Hackenbarger "left the church Minor Phelps child Katherine J. Hackenbarger born 1981 Isaiah Phelps- Roper born 1989 Jacob M. Phelps born 1987 Matthias Jael Phelps born 1985 married Holroyd Joshua M. Phelps born 1986 Joshua F. Hezekiah Job Phelps born 1990 Minor Phelps-Roper *left the church Minor child Rebekah child Minor child Jennifer Lynn Hockenbarger born 1977 Samuel Phelps- Roper born 1979 "Bekah" Phelps- Roper born 1987 Zacharias Phelps-Roper Timothy Phelps, Jr. born 1989 married Victoria L. Jael ran unsuccessfully for Topeka City Council in 2005. Minor child Phelps born 1992 These appear to be the only WBC 'members' who are God only knows what kind of evil lawyerly curses have been visited upon those unlucky gay inmates in Shawnee County correctional facilities. In addition to being Wu ran (and lost) as a Republican for the Topeka school board in 2012. His single-issue campaign was based on his objection to evolution being taught in schools. Wu claims to not be a member of WBC, but Not since the Luci Renee Stephen "Steve" Drain married, these two are Scopes trial married Drain cousins! It's actually pretty practical and a good sign. When the only person who will marry you is your cousin, it's time to have schools bom 1965 born 1965 had such a When she lost the not either blood City Council race, she began nursing school. This family victory. relatives or relatives states that he attends services. He has told reporters that he agrees that "God hates fags" but is not certain whether or not Obama is in fact the antichrist. by marriage of WBC founder Fred Phelps. just wants to help | like to imagine Jack Wu isn't really into this. He's writing some amazing insider's book. Or he got really Lauren Drain "left the church reassess. I love all families that do this single letter naming idea. Next up, a beautiful daughter people dammit! Drain wrote a positive biography of Fred Sr. called "Hatemongers". Is it possible this is just Taylor Dayne trying to make a sneaky comeback? HILARY SARGENT twitter: lilsarg © 2012 LILSARG.COM George Stutzman Jack Wu fiance Taylor Drain drunk and lost a bet. named "Jew". Something. former counsel f County Sheriff's department Shawnee relative of Chris Davis fitness structor father may not be Brent Roper

Westboro Baptist Church

shared by Chartgirl on Jan 22
Infographic depicting the infamous Westboro Baptist Church, including Fred Phelps and his many children, grandchildren, etc.


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