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Washington's Revolving Door

Federal Government Big Oil Dept. of Energy (Carter) Staff: US Rep Landrieu (D) Staff: US Rep Landrieu (D) Staff: Sen Rockefeller (D) & Biden (D) Staff: Sen Durbin (D) & Biden (D) Staff: Sen Liebeman (D) Staff: Sen Johnson (D) Staff: Rep Kilpatrick (D) & Boren (D) Staff: Sen Feinstein (D) Staff: Rep DLipinski (D) & BLipinski (D) Dep Staff Dir, HGRC (Clinton) Dir, House Ways & Means (Clinton) Dir, SEPWC (Clinton) Staff Economist SENRC (Clinton) DA Sec, Dept. of Energy (Clinton) US: Ene Andrew Zausner Kevin Avery Dir, Government Relations (Pennzoil) Dir, Federal Gov't Affairs (Marathon) Washington Rep (API) VP, Int'l Gov't Affairs (ConocoPhillips) Products Isues Manager (API) Comm. Manager (ExxonMobil) Upstream Gen. Manager (API) Dir, Fed Resources (IPAA) Dir of Federal Affairs (BP America) Lobbyist (BP America) Fed Gov't Relations (Chevron) Tax Counsel (IPAA) VP, Gov't Relations (IPAA) Economist (Shell Oil) VP, Gov't Relations (ExxonMobil) Chief Scientist (British Petroleum) Jason Schendle William Ichord James E. Williams Matt Gobush Mark Rubin Wendy Kirchoff Rachel Miller Emily Olson Judith Blanchard Donna Steele Flynn Lee Fuller Shirley Neff Theresa Fariello for Science, DOE (Obama) Steven Koonin Federal Government Comcast Staff: FCC Commissioner (Clinton) Legal Counsel, FCC (Clinton) White House OPA (Clinton) Staff: FCC Commissioner (Clinton) Staff: Sen. Daschle (D) US Representative (D) US Representative (D) Chief of Staff: Sen. Kohl (D) Chief of Staff: Sen. Reid (D) Staff: Sen. Rockefeller (D) Staff: Sen. Schumer (D) Staff: Rep. Tauzin (D) Staff: Rep. Schiff (D) FCC Commissioner (Bush, Obama) FCC Advisory Comm. (Obama) Obama fundraiser Sr. Director, Public Policy Lobbyist Sr. Director, Fed. Gov't Affairs Comcast Attorney Sr. VP, Gov't Affairs Lobbyist Lobbyist Lobbyist Sr. VP, Corporate Affairs Lobbyist Lobbyist for Comcast-NBC merger Sr. Director, Policy Counsel Lobbyist Sr. VP, Gov't Affairs Sr. Dir, External Affairs/Public Policy Executive VP, Gov't Affairs James Coltharp Jordan Goldstein Joseph Trahern James Casserly Melissa Maxfield William Gray Ron Klink Paul Bock David Krone Patrick Robertson James Flood Jessica Marventano Phil Tahtakran Meredith Baker Rudy Brioche David Cohen* *Cohen is a prominent, well-connected Democrat, but has held no official position in the federal government. Federal & State Government Asst Secretary, HEW (Carter) DOJ EES (Carter, Reagan) DOJ EES (Reagan) EPA Superfund Attorney Mass Dept of Envir Protection NY Dept of Envir Conservation US Senator (D) Chief of Staff, Max Baucus (D) Dir OLA of the SEC (Clinton) Dep Admin, FRA (Clinton) Office of Mgmt & Budget (Clinton) Dep Secretary of Commerce (Obama) Assistant Attorney General (Obama) Chairman, CJC (Obama) Benjamin Heineman Stephen Ramsey David Buente Jr. Senior VP, General Counsel VP, Corporate Envir Programs GE Counsel, Sidley Austin GE Counsel, Sidley Austin GE Counsel, Mintz Levin GE Spokesman Advisor, GE HealthyMagination Gov't Relations Team Leader Samuel Gutter Ralph Child Gary Sheffer Tom Daschle Peter Prowitt Kathryn Fulton Donald Itzkoff Mgr, Government Relations Executive Counsel Joshua Raymond Dennis Hightower Ignacia Moreno Jeffrey Immelt Sr Manager, Government Relations VP/General Manager Atty, Corp Environmental Programs CEO Federal Government Goldman Sachs Co-COO, Co-Chairman CEO Treasury Sec (Clinton) US Senator (D) Treasury Sec (Bush) Chief of Staff (Obama) Under Sec of State (Obama) Chairman, FIAB (Obama) Dep Director, NEC (Obama) Ambassador/Germany (Obama) Chief of Staff, Treasury (Obama) COO, SEC Enforcement (Obama) White House staff (Obama) White House staff (Obama) White House counsel (Obama) Under Sec of Treasury (Clinton), Chairman, CFTC (Obama) Robert Rubin John Corzine Henry Paulson Rahm Emanuel CEO Contract Employee Vice Chairman, GS Intl Co-COO, Chairman Financial Analyst Sr Director (Frankfurt) Goldman Sachs Lobbyist VP, Business Intelligence Analyst, Gov Affairs VP, Environmental Policy Robert Hormats Stephen Friedman Diana Farrell Philip Murphy Mark Patterson Adam Storch Alexander Lasry Sonal Shah Gregory Craig Gary Gensler Chief Counsel, defending SEC suit Co-Head of Finance Federal Government Media Staff: US Rep Dingell (D) Chief of Staff: US Rep Kennedy (D) Comm. Dir: US Rep Moran (D) Staff: Sen Conrad (D) US Senator (D) US Senator (R) White House Press Sec (Clinton) Press Sec, First Lady's Office (Clinton) Press Secretary (Clinton) White House Comm. Dir. (Clinton) Press Sec, VP Gore (D) Dep Dir OPA, DOJ (Clinton) Commissioner, FCC (Bush, Obama) Sr Advisor, Office of President (Obama) DAS, Dept of Education (Obama) Dep Chief CGAB, FCC (Obama) Exec VP, Gov't Relations (NAB) Assoc. Producer (CBS News) Reporter (Washington Times) Correspondent (AP) Contributor (Fox News) Contributor (Fox News) Contributing Editor (Vanity Fair) VP, Corp. Communications (CBS) Dep Assignment Mgr. (CNN) Anchor, Pol Corres. (ABC News) News Researcher (CBS News) Chief of Staff (PBS) Sr VP, Gov't Affairs (Comcast-NBC) City Hall Bur Chief (Chicago Tribune) Staff Writer (LA Times) Corres. (CNN); Host (PBS) John Orlando Sean Richardson Don Drummond Chris Thome Evan Bayh Rick Santorum Dee Dee Myers Lisa Caputo Joe Lockhart George Stephanopoulos Ginny Terzano Julie Anbender Meredith Baker David Axelrod Massie Ritsch Yul Kwon Federal Government Monsanto US Congressman (D) US Senator (D) Dep Dir FDA, HFS (Bush Sr, Clinton) White House Senior Staff (Clinton) Sec of Commerce (Clinton) WH-Appt to CSA, Gore's SDR (Clinton) White House Communications (Clinton) Gore's Chief Dom Policy Adv (Clinton) WH-Appointed Consumer Adv (Clinton) Deputy Admin EPA (Clinton, Bush) USDA, EPA (Clinton, Bush, Obama) Dep Commissioner FDA (Obama) US Sen (D), Sec of State (Obama) Dir, USDA NIFA (Obama) Ag Negotiator Trade Rep (Obama) Toby Moffett Dennis DeConcini Monsanto Consultant Margaret Miller Marcia Hale Monsanto Legal Counsel Chemical Lab Supervisor Director, Int'l Government Affairs Mickey Kantor Virginia Weldon Josh King Board Member VP, Public Policy Director, Int'l Government Affairs VP, Government & Public Affairs Monsanto Lobbyist VP, Government & Public Affairs Manager, New Technologies VP, Public Policy Rose Law Firm, Monsanto Counsel Director, Monsanto Danforth Center Monsanto Lobbyist David Beler Carol Tucker-Foreman Fisher Lidia Watrud Michael Taylor Hillary Clinton Roger Beachy Islam Siddiqui Federal Government Pharmaceuticals National Security Council (Ford) Fed Trade Commission (Carter) US Senator (D) US Representative (D) Legislative Asst. to Rep. Boxer (D) Sr. Policy Advisor to Sen. Bayh (D) Special Asst. to Sen. Bentsen (D) US Representative (D) US Trade Representative (Clinton) Commissioner, FDA (Clinton) Asst. Sec, Commerce Dept. (Clinton) Medicare Regulatory Affairs (Bush) US Treasury Dept (Bush) NY Federal Reserve Bank (Obama) USFCS, Commerce Dept. (Obama) NaƄ'l Inst. of Health (Obama) VP, Government Relations (Pfizer) OPA (Pharm Manufacturers Assn.) Pfizer Legal Counsel (Parry & Romani) Lobbyist (Medicines Co.) Corporate Counsel, Lobbyist (Pfizer) VP, Int'l Gov. Affairs (Eli Lilly) Dir., Congressional Relations (Pfizer) CEO (PHRMA) VP, Global Public Policy (Merck) Sr. VP, Public Policy (Pharmacia) Global Regulatory Policy (Merck) Director, Public Policy (Pfizer) CEO (PHRMA) CEO (Pfizer) VP, Consumer Products (Pfizer) Govt Relations (Bristol-Myers Squibb). Catherine Bennett Michael Pollard Dennis DiConcini Dick Gephardt Kimberly Davis Desiree Filippone Walter Moore Billy Tauzin Geralyn Ritter Michael Friedman Raul Perea-Henze Caleb DesRosiers Alan Holmer Jeffrey Kindler Suresh Kumar James Schlicht

Washington's Revolving Door

shared by rmmojado on Jan 24
Each pair of circles shows people who left government service to work/lobby for major corporate interests.


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