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Wack Weed Attitudes

CANNABIS upport for legalizing marijuana has been growing over V the past 40 years-2011 saw the greatest percentage of Americans in favor of decriminalization ever. But state CONTRADICTIONS and federal lawmakers are among the minority that favors criminal penalties. TakePart traces the disconnect. Open CURRENT ATTITUDES VERSUS LEGISLATION GROWING SUPPORT FOR LEGALIZATION EVEN GREATER SUPPORT FOR MEDICAL USE AMERICANS WHO FAVORED LEGALIZING MARIJUANA USE 70% 1969 2011 46% RE 50% FAVORED FAVORED 12% RE LEGALIZING LEGALIZING MARIJUANA DOCTOR-PRESCRIBED USE IN 2010 MARIJUANA IN 2010 STATE SUPPORT NATIONAL RESISTANCE NUMBER OF STATES, NUMBER OF STATES IN WHICH 16 50 PLUS THE DISTRICT OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT COLUMBIA, THAT ALLOW RULES MEDICAL MARIJUANA MEDICAL MARIJUANA. IS ILLEGAL. OTHER [LEGAL] DRUGS AND CONSEQUENCES Medical marijuana is still considered illegal by 34 state governments and a few key federal agencies. But a host of widely marketed FDA-approved drugs-as well as two popular and legal self-medicating substances-have side effects arguably more harmful than cannabis's. Including one ultimate risk. FATALITY RISKS OF PRESCRIPTION DRUGS VERSUS MARIJUANA DEATHS ATTRIBUTED TO VARIOUS DRUGS BETWEEN 1997 AND 2005* *As primary suspect of death, excluding accidents. ADDERALL (To treat narcolepsy or contral hyperactivity) RJ.P. 54. RITALIN (To treat ADD and ADHD) R.P. 121. WELLBUTRIN (To treat depression and anxiety) RI.P. 1,132. VIAGRA (To treat erectile dysfunction) R.P. 2,254. MARIJUANA 500 1,000 1,500 2,000 2,500 FATALITY RISKS OF DRUGS PRESCRIBED IN PLACE OF MARIJUANA DEATHS ATTRIBUTED TO FDA-APPROVED DRUGS PRESCRIBED IN PLACE OF MARIJUANA BETWEEN 1997 AND 2005* * As primary suspect of death 2,000 1,593 1,500 1,000 196 500 118 ANTI-SPASMODICS ANTI-EMETICS ANTI-PSYCHOTICS MARIJUANA FATALITY RISKS OF LEGAL SELF-MEDICATIONS VERSUS MARIJUANA U.S. DEATHS DUE TO VARIOUS SUBSTANCES IN 2009* * Excluding Accidents and Homicides AMERICA'S FAVORITE SELF- MEDICATING SUBSTANCES 39,701 443,000 ALCOHOL TOBACCO MARIJUANA Take Part SOURCES: GALLUP, PROCON.ORG, CDC.GOV, NATIONAL CENTER FOR HEALTH STATISTICS INFOGRAPHIC DESIGN BY COLUMN FIVE

Wack Weed Attitudes

shared by ColumnFive on Mar 02
Support for legalizing marijuana has been growing over the past 40 years — 2011 saw the greatest percentage of Americans in favor of decriminalization ever. But state and federal lawmakers are among...


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