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The Vicious Cycle

Paying for Government Corrupted Politioians LEGALIZED united re:public Corporations' contribution to the Federal budget is a third what it was, while the share from individuals is larger. BRIBERY With the money they save from special tax breaks, corporations can af ord to make huge contributions to politicians. Take Action: Sources: 27% 99% Congressional Budget Office 5896 829% Internal Revenue Service INDEPENDANT POLITIOAL THE EXPENDITURES BY 2012: A $450 M Government 2010 Accountability Office 1955 Tax Policy Center New York Times I SHARE FROM OORPORATE TAXES I SHARE FROM INDIVIDUAL TAXES GREATER THAN IN ANY VICIOUS PREVIOUS YEAR: $450 CYCLE $300 Shifting Tax Burden The tax rates for the richest 400 Americans and for $150 corporations have fallen, while those for the median American family have risen. By giving politicians tons of cash, corporations and the super-rich win big tax breaks for themselves... which gives them tons more cash to give. Tax Advantage $0 Whatever the official ELEOTION MONEY IN MILLIONS tax rate is, corporations hire teams of lawyers to avoid taxes. Sometimes 60% I PRESIDENTIAL ELEOTION they pay nothing at all, despite huge prof ts. OORPORATIONS Here's what S&P 500 companies paid in 2007. Begging Time U.S. House members running for re-election in competetive races spent over a third of their time OFFICIAL TAX RATE: 35% 30% fundraising. TOP 400 GITIZENS 8496 1 IN 4 PAID UNDER 206 Big Returns from Politioal Gifts 1 IN 12 PAID UNDER 109% MEDIAN From 2008 to 2011, thirty large companies won $11 billion in tax rebates by spending $476 million on lobbying. OITIZEN BOEING PAID 6% $11B $478M TIME SPENT G.E. PAID 0% 0% 1955 2007 IMBALANCED TAX CODE Politicians create new loopholes, and subeit oreaks, clal inten special mericans foot the bill Ordinary corporatio ror their porations get to propns fts then that benefne BACK-ROOM LAW

The Vicious Cycle

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In the US political sphere, lobbying and other forms of legalized bribery lead to back-room lawmaking, where politicians write and pass laws benefitting their financial backers; this gives corporation...


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