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US Election 2016: The Social Media Roundup

PRESIDENTIAL THE SOCIAL MEDIA ELECTION ELECTION 216 **** *** ***** Democrat Republican D Rivals Donald Tiump Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton Frontrunners Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders f 2.5 million f 3.2 million f 5.8 million f 1.9 million f 1.3 million Instagram 5.5 million 1.5 million 6.3 million 838K 1.2 million Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders 845K 825K 1 million 90K 92K rO Celebrity Selfie Endorsements Who do they follow? Kim Kardashian Hillary Clinton Katy Perry Spike Lee Steve Tyler Barack Obama Ice Cube 61 million America Ferrera Erin Brockovich Bill O'Reilly Newt Gingrich Calvin Harris followers Jeffrey Wright Susan Sarandon Piers Morgan Megyn Kelly Jimmy Fallon You have to see e Elen Showoday Hay Con taks out how she nevered Ceter n etecty it seffet LUMEE AOVEHER daga Emily Ratajkowski Most # Hashtags BERNSE Bernie Sanders 5 million Retweets followers Hillary Clinton eHarycinton #ImWithHer Following #1: Hillary The boys are right. We need everyone's help to get the planet moving in the right direction. #action1D Most Liked Photos Clinton Talks #FeeltheBern One Direction Rofing Stone berniesanders FOLLOW 59,803 712 lkes berniesanders I can assure you from the depth of my heart that when I grew up in a three-and ahafeooma Brooklyn, New York-a rent-controlled apartment - that no one ever thought, or Tever thought, I would become president of the United States #MakeAmericaGreatAgain ent in Made In The AM. One Direction announce album FIVE: Made In The AM. I OUT NOW Retweets view ak 3201 comments velvet.goldmine. Dank chavelid oshauni 473 bernie has no lips LKES 59,803 82,524 ernestosuna omcakesss mcakesss oemestosuna this made my whole day mitchelladams Got economics class Bemie #CruzCrew #2 Bernie Bernie Bernie Sanders O BemieSanders Following flopreza oheckyeahmaria bae samanthamishkin acrankk datt this cocky mf Bernie Sanders It's over. Not one word about economic Sanders inequality, climate change, Citizens United or student debt. That's why the Rs are so out of takes aim touch. #1 Bernie Sanders in Rolling Stone #Marcomentum RETWEETS LKES 32,016 36,209 71.2K Likes 32,016 RTs 405 AM -7 Aug 2015 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION #3 Donald Donald J. Trump O @realDonaldTrump Following #Election2016 .@FoxNews is so biased it is disgusting. They do not want Trump to win. All negative! Trump attacks FOX News ETETS #2 Black and white Hillary #3 Mr. and Mrs.Trump 61.7K Likes 25,608 20.048 249 PM - 17 Feb 2016 61K Likes bias Tø 25,608 RTs BUSINESS WITHOUT BORDERS Disclaimer: All information correct as of 02/25/16. is not affiated with any political party.

US Election 2016: The Social Media Roundup

shared by mmmfozz on Mar 17
Social media is now an integral part of any marketing campaign, and campaigns don't come any bigger than that for the USA presidential elections. The social media statistics give an overview of who th...


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