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United States Flag Laws

UNITED STATES FLAG LAWS ) *EVOLUTION OF THE THE AMERICAN FLAG * 850 Number of stars: 15 30 45 Present Day Stars New Year's Day 209999999 Memorial Day A92992992 * * * * * * THE DAYS THE FLAG SHOULD BE DISPLAYED *** ****** Flag Day Labor Day. Independance Inauguation 229999924 Veterans Day Mastin Lasther * HOISTING THE FLAG * * HOW TO FOLD A FLAG* Begin by holding it so that its surface is parallel to the ground Fold the flag in half twice, width-wise Fold one corner into the opposite side of the flag, forming a triangle HALF STAFF At half staff, hoist the flag to the peak for an instant and lower it to a position half way between the top and Repeat this triangular folding until -only a strip of the star field shows Tuck this strip into the triangle : bottom. LOWERING THE FLAG When the flag is lowered, no part of it should touch Wal-Mart sold over 315,000 American flags in the first two days following the infamous attack on America compared to 15,000 the same time a year ago. the ground or any other object. 315,000 15,000 2000 2001 *STANDARDS OF RESPECT The flag should never be: Flown upside down but only as a distress signal. a RANS Co. Used as a drapery, or any decoration in general. Used for any advertising purpose. Used as part of a costume or athletic uniform. Placed on it any mark, insignia, letter, number, or drawing of any kind. Used as a receptacle for carry- ing, or delivering. Sources: htm http://www.itstacticalcom/centcom/memorialnow-to-properly-retire-o-u-s-flag/ http://www.senate.gow/reference/resources/pdt/RL30243.pdf UNITED STATES FLAG STORE. INFOGRAPHIC DESIGNED BY NationalPositions Profitable Internet Marketing

United States Flag Laws

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A country’s flag is a source of great pride for its people, whether it’s being flown high on a nation holiday or waved proudly at an international sporting event. This is certainly no exception in...


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