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Tweeting the Race

* Tweeting the Race * The Connected Presidential Election 9.5+ million Tweets sent throughout the 2012 Democratic National Convention For context, there were only 1.8 million total 4 million Tweets were Tweets sent globally on sent throughout the 5.5+ million Tweets Thursday Sept. 6, the three days of last week's day of Obama's speech using #DNC2012 by the Republican National end of night two during the convention Convention #GOP2012 Tweets per minute (TPM) of speeches during the Republican National Convention Mitt Romney Just after its conclusion 14.289 tam When he mentioned President Putin 13.267 tedm Republicans inspired Julian Castro the creation of 2 Twitter accounts: 1,503 tom Marco Rubio @InvisibleObama :8.937 tom Martin O'Malley (which gained over 20,000 followers and was :7502 tpon Clint Eastwood 7,044 toln based on Clint Eastwood's speech) Deval Patrick @FadedObama 6,909 tpm Paul Ryan 1 6.669 tpim (based on Paul Ryan's Ann Romney 6.195 tor rh "Faced Obama Posters" line) Chris Christie 6,079 toin Condoleeza Rice 3.96 torh #DNC2012 Tweets per minute (TPM) of speeches during the Democratic National Convention Barack Obama Just after its conclusion 52,756 tom "I'm no longer just the candidate, I'm the President" 43.646 tbm "I will never turn Medicare into a voucher system" 39.002 tbm Discussing Medicare 38.597 tom "We don't think government can solve all our problems. 37,694 tom Quips about the Olympics and "Cold War mind warp" 34,572 tom Michelle Obama Just after its conclusion 28.003 tom "We've got so much more to do" :22,004 ton Just after its conclusion Bill Clinton 22,087 tom Discussing Obama's job record 16,115 torh Urging the audience to vote for Obama :15,266 tom "All in this togéther" statement :15J tpm Discussing Hillary Clinton's role, and "blood sport" line T4.538 tom "Takes some bráss" quip 14.393 tom Joe Biden 17,932 tom Sandra Fluke 6.863 tpb there's more at Primary Sources

Tweeting the Race

shared by Carousel30 on Sep 25
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The 2012 Presidential Election has been tweeting up a storm, and we've been seeing more social media use by politicians and their supporters than ever. During both the Republican and Democratic nation...



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