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Troubled Asset Relief Program

Troubled Estimated Actual and Projected Budgetary Cost Asset Cash Disbursements NET COSTS Relief TOTAL DISBURSEMENTS $32 billion $431 billion Program CBO's estimate of the cost of the TARP's transactions as measured on a present-value basis. (Present value is a single number that expresses a flow of current and future revenues or payments in terms of an equivalent lump sum received or paid today.) CBO's estimate of the total amount of money that will eventually be disbursed to businesses, financial institutions, and others. Most of these disbursements have been or will eventually be repaid. Total disbursements are expected to amount to about 60% of the $700 billion that was initially authorized. For more information, see this CBO publication: Report on the Troubled Asset Relief Program- March 2012, Support for American International Group ПЦ Estimated Gains Estimated Costs Total $68 billion Cash Disbursements and Repayments Outstanding $50 billion AIG received $68 billion in TARP funds, more than any other institution; $22 billion Written Off $2 billion of that amount, through February 22, 2012, the Treasury had recouped $16 billion. Repaid : $16 billion Assistance to the Automotive Industry Total $80 billion Written Of $7 billion Through the TARP, the Treasury provided $19 billion $80 billion in assistance to the U.S. automotive industry. Manufacturers General Motors and Chrysler received the bulk of that funding. Outstanding $37 billion Repaid $35 billion Mortgage Programs Total $16 billion Outstanding $3 billion The Treasury is expected to spend $16 billion $16 billion for programs that provide direct payments to mortgage servicers to facilitate modifications to mortgages. Anticipated Additional Disbursements $13 billion Investment Partnerships Total $22 billion Repaid $2 billion The Treasury created public-private partnerships to encourage private $200 million investment in certain types of financial Outstanding $16 billion assets, such as residential and commercial real estate loans. Anticipated Additional Disbursements $4 billion Support for Other Financial Insitutions Total $245 billion Outstanding $17 billion The Treasury purchased $205 billion of $25 billion preferred stock from nearly 800 financial institutions, mostly through the Capital Purchase Program. It also provided $40 billion in additional support to Citigroup and Bank of America. Repaid $226 billion Written Of $3 billion Authors: Jonathan Schwabish and Courtney Griffith Notes: Numbers may not add up to totals because of rounding. Sources: Congressional Budget Office; Department of the Treasury. Staff Contact: Avi Lerner, Budget Analysis Division Publlicatlon date: March 28, 2012 П. DOD

Troubled Asset Relief Program

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In October 2008, the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (Division A of Public Law 110-343) established the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) to enable the Department of the Treasury to pr...


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