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Syrian Conflict

SYRIA IN CONFLICT WHO ARE THE MAIN PLAYERS? ΜΑΙΝ CONTROLLED TERRIORY IN SRYIA IMPACT POTNIS The Syrian Crisis, also known as the Syrian Civil War CONTESTED AREA is the current battle of control over the governing of Syria in the Middle East. The main conflicting forces: President Assad's Regime and the oppostion the Free Syrian Army (FSA). The U.N. is trying to push The Arms Trade Treaty, which would staunch the flow of weapons which are fueling the conflct. REBEL STRENGTH ASSAD'S STRENGTH HISTORICAL KURDISH AREA 2012 December - The US joins Britain, France, Turkey and Gulf states in formally recognising Syria's opposition National Coaliti on as "the legitimate representative" of the Syrian people. 2013 October - President Assad allows 2011 July - President Assad sacks the governor of the northern province of Hama after mass demonstration. Sending in troops to restore order at the cost of scores of lives. Opposition activists meet in Istanbul to forma unified opposition. international inspectors to begin destroying Syria's chemical weapons on the basis of a US-Russian agreement. 2011 March Protests in Damascus and the 2012 March- UN Security Council endorses non-bindi ng peace southern city of Deraa demand the release of political prisoners. Security forces shoot a number of people ic dead in Deraa, triggering days of violent un rest that steadily spread nationwide over the following mont hs. plan drafted by UN envoy Kofi Annan.China and Russia agree to support the plan after an earlier, tougher draft is modified. The UN statement falls short of a formal resolution, and violence continues 2013 July In a leadership overhaul, Saudi-backed Ahmed Jarba replaces interim figure George Sabra as leader of the main opposition National Coalition, defeati ng a Qatar-backed rival. Interim opposition PM Ghassan Hitto quits, citing his inability to form a governmentin rebel-held territory. into the summer. ASSAD'S RESOURCES Bashar al-Assad is the current President of Syria. He's been provided numerous amounts of weaponry and resources. The Arms Trade Treaty will finally limit the flow of arms to Assad's Regime. Over *113,000 deaths and FOREIGNAID counting have been recorded since the start of the conflct in March 2011. Multiple countries apart of the United Nations have been supplying aid for the people of Syria caught in the crossfire. KUWAIT 332.2M APPROX: SIOB 3,310,500.000 U.S GERMANY 389.5M DOLLARS DONATED 11.77% 10.03% 12.92% U.S.A. 1.35B $5B UNITED KINGDOM 426.3M 24.54% 40.77% $2 5B *China has denled providing any aide for Assad's Aegime, despi te information and reports sayiag otherwise. $IOB $2.58 $5OM "$?B SOB EURO COMMISSION 812.5M *All Totals are Approximate, due to future promised tran sactions. *The data represents total costs by way ofmoney, troops, weapons, and other financial assets. APPROXIMATELY 146.000 TROOPS TOTAL 700 74 SMC (Affiliates) SYRIAN ISLAMIC LIBERATION FRONT JAYSH AL-ISLAM SYRIAN ISLAMIC FRONT FSA HEAD COUNT INDEPENDENT GROUPS JIHADIST GROUPS KURDISH GROUPS Saudi Arabia is the FSA'a key ally and helps provide man power. The data underneath represents the important parties that make up the bulk of the FSA's military power. TROOPS: IN THOUSANDS I 25 50 75 100 125 150 E IRAN E RUSSIA I VENESUELA SCHINA

Syrian Conflict

shared by korey.peterson.14 on Jan 15
An Infographic that discusses the major players that have influence in the current civil war that is ripping apart Syria.


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