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Survey Shows the Internet Would Have Passed Prop 19

America Speaks On Key Election Issues TEAPOT TEMPESTS PARTY PRINCIPLE Is the current level of political bickering part of a natural cycle in American history or is it reaching an unnatural intensity ? Following a bitterly fought 2010 midterm election, can Republicans and Democrats work together or is gridlock the name of the game? NATURAL 28% The PEOPLE 78% GRIDLOCK TOWN HALL UNNATURAL 72% 22% WORK 7,923,272 responded TOGETHER STATE OF THE UNION ECONOMY 64% NO YES 47% NEVADA'S ANGLE 36% YES Can former boxer Harry Reid win this midterm round against tea party pick Sharron Angle? ENERGY R T ENVIRONMENT MIXED SIGNALS Given how contradictory opinions are on the deficit and spending NO 53% priorities, can the nation ever get its fiscal house in order? THE COURTS CULTURE MEDIA 59% BOEHNER PELOSI vs BOEHNER IMMIGRATION If Republican John Boehner takes Nancy Pelosi's top job, who do you think will be a more partisan Speaker of the House ? 41% GREENTECH REVOLUTION PELOSI 66% NO GREEN SPENDING 34% THE ENERGY RACE 61% NOT WORRIED Should the U.S. spend more to secure a clean energy edge and spur a green-tech revolution at home ? TEA CONGRESS 39% WORRIED YES 65% Are you worried about a "tea party Congress" steering the country too far to the right? NO 35% HEALTH CARE Should the courts invalidate the health care law because of the requirement to buy insurance? NO 45% The number KEY: of responses per question YES 75% NO 25% YAHOO! NEWS Number of responses The breakdown per topic ARIZONA'S LAW YES 55% LEGALIZE MARIJUANA of the response ASKAMERICA Would you like your state to adopt an immigration law similar to Arizona's? Should voters pass California's Prop. 19 and make the recreational use of marijuana legal? For more, please visit: YAHOO! NEWS Infographic design by JESS3

Survey Shows the Internet Would Have Passed Prop 19

shared by rmmojado on Mar 24
Around 75% of respondents actually favored Arizona’s controversial and conservative new immigration laws, saying they’d approve of such measures in their home states. And 65% said they wanted the ...


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