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The State of the U.S. Prison System

THE STATE OF THE U.S. PRISONS SYSTEM 2015 ** Prison populations are rising at an alarming rate. Whether the problem is societal mores run amok, unnecessary jailing for consensual crimes, unfairly targeting poor communities, or all the above, reform is no longer an option. 25 The United States makes up about 5 percent of the world's population, yet we house 25 percent of the world's prison population. 75 1 in 28 school-aged kids have a parent in prison. United States (25%) Rest of the World (75%) There are more people behind bars on drug charges today than there were prisoners for all offenses in 1980. In 2005, 4 out of 5 drug arrests were for Housing the average minimum-security inmate costs $21,000 a year, while the average high- security inmate costs $33,000 a year. The Obama administration had to request $6.9 billion for the Bureau of Prisons in fiscal 2013. possession, not sales. TOP 6 SOLUTIONS While the problem is too complex to resolve in succinct bullet points, here are some of the top ways to address prison overcrowding: 12 03 Repeal mandatory-minimum Reduce three strikes laws for non-violent offenders Relax drug laws for users sentencing laws 4 15 Improve job placement programs / incentivize hiring ex-cons Promote inmate education programs Limit pre-trial detention Sources: sentences.html?pagewanted=all facts-about-americas-prison-population/ FEF

The State of the U.S. Prison System

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With the way the U.S. justice system is currently organized, our prison population is growing at an unsustainable rate. This infographic illustrates some of the scary statistics.


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