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Scottish Independence Infographic – A Visual Representation Of Public Opinion

Should Scotland Be An Independent Country? no YES OIL 1 1 OIL The vast income and revenue from oil Scotland's Oil reserves are vast. in the Scottish part of the North Sea is too much to spend for a small country as Scotland. Scotland can easily share these resources and Most of the revenue and tax made from oil goes directly to Westminster. There are claims that Scotland will be one of the benefit both from the wealth and wealthiest nations in Europe if Scotland become independent. revenue. GOVERNMENT 2 2 GOVERNMENT The Tories are in power in the UK, You are happy with a Tory Government or perhaps even a future UKIP Government at although the majority of Scots have chosen the opposition. The Scots are outnumbered ten to one, so whatever government the Scots will vote for in a UK General Election, it's highly unlikely that a Scottish Political Party will ever be part of a UK Government representing Scotland's needs. With the rising votes for UKIP in England, our goals towards a fair and harmonious society will diminish even further. Westminster or have found the choices made by past UK Governments in the interests of Scotland as well. Some believe that sometimes things are just bigger than us. As a country with only 5 million residents, England seems more equipped to deal with the more difficult responsibilities like Taxation, Defence and Healthcare. Why would Scotland want to take responsibility for that? THE EU 3 3 THE EU The EU doesn't seem beneficial for Scotland has the resources and finances to become independent. One of the early myths created by * the No Campaign has been debunked and even the Unionists * agree that Scotland has what it takes to become independent and the Scottish people will be better off financially. the UK and the UK may decide to withdraw from the EU altogether. EMPLOYMENT 4 4 EMPLOYMENT With an ever rising energy and electricity demand in Europe, Scotland could be one of the Some people are not sure what they would benefit from it personally. Although it may create more jobs, be better for Pensioners, people with children and people in need of better Healthcare, some voters are still global leading suppliers. Scotland has many natural resources that allow sustainable energy for which L mings for them as an indhidual Some people are scared how an Independent Scotland will change their day to day lives. Even if things improve, the change itself feels overwhelming and daunting. more jobs are created. Furthermore when Scotland becomes Independent, many centralized services and offices, like Tax Offices, DVLA etc have to be set up in Scotland. This will create many jobs and jobs provide an income, which is good for the economy and beneficial for us all. OPINION 5 5 OPINION no YES 41% 27% 32% Infograph designed and produced by House Buy Fast Information sourced from: http://www.independentscotlandorg/content/uoting-no-for-scottish-independence htm Thbr http://www.independentscotlandorg/content/uoting-YES-for-scottish-independence.htm House Buy Fast 0000

Scottish Independence Infographic – A Visual Representation Of Public Opinion

shared by jonathanrolande on Aug 04
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A visual representation of the Scottish Independence debate. We take a look at both sides of the arguement and see if Scotland would be better off.


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