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Russian People's Interests vs. Gas: What's Kremlin's Choice?

On April 10, 2003 Russian President Putin and Turkmen President Niyazov signed a number of agreements: 1. Agreement on Gas Cooperation. Gazprom acquired a right to purchase natural gas from Turkmenneft- egaz in growing volumes until 2028: in 2004 – 5-6 billion of cubic meters, in 2009-2028 – 70-80 billion of cubic meters per year. 2. Protocol on Terminating the Dual Citizenship Agreement. The official explanation stated that the terms of the agreement have already been fulfilled. Putin: "Everybody who wanted to – has already left." Turkmenistan is one of the most isolated coun- tries of the world and Central Asia's least dem- ocratic state complete with a cult of personali- ty around former leader Niyazov (2006). Putin's Profit: $4$ RUSSIAN PEOPLE'S INTERESTS VS GAS I Profitable gas contract, locking all Turkmen gas exports to Russia. I With Turkmen-Iran relations and Uzbekistan's relations with the West cooling off, Russia strengthened its influence in Central Asia. However, to get these benefits Putin betrayed 120,000 people with double Russian-Turkmen citizenship (mostly ethnic Russians and Russian speakers), residing in Turkmenistan. WHAT'S KREMLIN'S CHOICE? Russians asked Putin for help at the Russian Embassy in Ashkhabad (the protesters even burned portraits of Putin), yet, the Kremlin responded with.: The 2013 replacement of internal Turkmen passports aimed at elimination of dual citizenship. Providing all the information concerning the protests (including the records of all speeches) to the Committee of National Šecurity of Turkmenistan. - Russia's Foreign Minister Lavrov promised that the Protocol would only apply to children not the adults, however, the promise was not fulfilled. Russian-passport-holder residents of Turkmenistan were specifically targeted by the reform. The rather large Rus- sian population of Turkmenistan faced a tough choice: either rescind Turkmen citizenship and get degraded to the status of the "public enemy" OR rescind Russian citizenship instead – and be deprived of the right to visit one's Motherland – Russia. The State Duma of the RF held mock hearings on human rights violations in Turkmenistan. The hearings failed to bring any results. DOES RUSSIA REALLY PROTECT ITS CITIZENS? Those who turn in their Russian pass- ports are left abandoned with the Turk- men dictatorship (as representatives of the "second-class" ethnicity, Russians see the limitation of their rights and are treated as "suspicious elements") Those who keep their Rus- sian citizenship'instead of Turkmen face discrimination: their property (including real estate) is being seized, they are being kicked out of work Those who remained Russian citizens and left Turkmenistan for Russia or any third coun- try are left destitute: Kremlin does not provide any social support or indemnitý UKRAINE CRISIS media center Design by Ev Melekhovets

Russian People's Interests vs. Gas: What's Kremlin's Choice?

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President Putin never seizes to repeat, that he is ready to protect the Russian-speaking population in Ukraine or elsewhere in the world. Therefore, why back in 2003, as the result of a few treaties w...


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