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Purchase by Politics

PURCHASE BY POLITICS 5 ONLINE SPENDING COMPARISONS IN RED AND BLUE STATES SPENDING ALONG PARTY LINES MAY BE JUST AS SIGNIFICANT ON THE PART OF THE CONSUMER AS IT IS IN CONGRESS. By culling data from the online shopping and bill paying habits of its users, Billeo offers a comprehensive look at spending in bill pay and shopping and reveals key differences in where consumers from different parties spend their money. Whatever one's political affiliation, the bulk of anyone's online spending goes to paying bills both in the share of total spend and transactions made over the course of a year. 80% of consumers' total online spend is 60% of consumers' on bills. total online transactions are bills paid. BILL PAY as much is spent paying bills online compared to shopping online. This is generally attributed to the significance of rent, mortgages, and credit card payments. as many transactions are made paying bills online than shopping online over the course of a year. X8 RED STATES BLUE STATES Average Number of Bills Paid per User 14.9 12.4 $341 Average Bill Size $385 $7,480 Annual Bill Pay Spend $7,070 per User Online SHOPPING Consumers from blues states spend 4% more shopping online, while consumers from red state spend 6% more when paying bills online. 6.7 Average Number of Purchases per User 6.4 $136 Average Basket Size $148 $911 Annual Shopping Spend per User Online $944 -TOP CITIES FOR BILL PAY Annual Online Bill Pay 1. Chandler, AZ 2. Arlington, TX $16,448 $10,396 3. Montgomery, AL $9.562 4. Katy, TX $8,159 5. Corpus Christi, TX $6,995 1. Tacoma, WA | $11,400 2. Detroit, MI $10.056 3. Riverside, CA $8,543 4. St. Paul, MN $7,327 5. Santa Clara, CA $6,555 TOP CITIES FOR SHOPPING Annual Online Shopping Spend 1. Tucson, AZ $2,033 2. Atlanta, GA $1,100 3. San Antonio, TX $960 4. Houston, TX $627 5. Phoenix, AZ $490 1. Madison, WI 2. Portland, OR $2,243 $1,699 3. San Jose, CA $1,518 4. Baltimore, MD $1,245 5. Brooklyn, NY $1,159 -SHOPPING SPEND BY CATEGORY- While total annual amount spent shopping remains similar for red and blue states ($911 and $944 respectively), more noteworthy differences appear in where consumers choose to spend. Red Annual Shopping Spend Blue Annual Shopping Spend $813 $800 Consumers from red states spend 39% more on Home Improvement, while consumers from blue states spend more on Travel and Vacation by the same percentage. •$585 •$544 Blue-state consumers spend 11% more on books, music, and movies, but red-state consumers spend 16% more on other forms of entertainment such as video games, toys $400 and hobbies. • $392 • $374 $297 •$314 • $310 ● $270 • $289 •$254 • $231 O $152 O $168 $0 Travel and Home Improvement Clothing and Accessories Vacations Electronics and Video Games, Photo Toys, and Hobbies Books, Music, Business and Computers and * The analysis is based on the 2011 aggregate online shopping and bill pay habits of Billeo's network of more than 1.5 million users. It refers to bills paid at company websites. The data does and Movies Office Products Software not include automatic payments at the company sites or bills paid through online banking sites. Billeo creates free apps that save people time and money while shopping and paying bills online. Billeo also provides banks, credit card companies, airlines and loyalty providers with context-aware shopping and bill pay technologies that help them interact better with their customers via online and mobile channels. Billeo. $340 • $389

Purchase by Politics

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Spending along party lines may be just as significant on the part of the consumer as it is in Congress. By culling data from online shopping and bill paying habits of its users, Billeo offers a compre...




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