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Publicly Funded Political Campaigns

•$18MM $16MM. URBAN vs. RURAL American Politics Through the Lens of Public Donations The lop ten states with fha highast public donatons lo polcia compalgns and hair rural countarparts. One year from now, America will innagurate its' 45th President. The information presented on this spread highlights the publics current view of the upcoming election based on registration counts and public donations. $1 IMM $7MM. $6.&MM $5MM •$4.5MM $4MM $3.5MM $3MM $2.9MM $2.7MM $1.9MM $2MM, $837K $560K. $200K $95KO $336K, $328K $200KO $127K. $45K $13KO $2KO $3KO $3ко $19KO • PM • Phadephia • • CA • Los Argles • Riato Stze Toul • MA • Boon • TX • Houston • Tykr • NY • New York Cly • Abary •L • Jackionle o W Pam Beach Ditrict of * Columbia • Vigkia Beach • Baltimore Rocvile • Chicago • Wakegan Key Urban Rural Roanole Reading • New Bedkord REGISTRATION COUNTS POWER BILL PUBLIC DONATION The Americon public has spent $112 Million on fhe poliical campolgns lo datel UNITED SPENDING ELECTORAL CASH +1 13 million more people have raglstared Demoaratc han Republican shce Nov '11. The Democatic party is more unilad in her spanding, dlocatng 100% of public donations to one candidate as opposad to 12 The top lan skrtas have dongtad 67% of public monies & rapresent 43% of the Electoral College. Holidically, Ihe Rapublican donors are donatng more money per person. . Pubidy Donated Dallara $64MM Pe Rundng State Bedorel Vate Diferance $2.08 NY VA of $16 MM $48MM Pte Randng Obama MA GA UT MN 227 votes $74MM 43MM vs. ЗОММ Iaged Demoh Bachman pann $1.11 agte ptoa Cain 119 votes Komney ME VI A Kr NM KS Per Peron Spendrg by Party $21MM 00 votes A WY W MT н DE NE AK AR SD MS ND $10MM $5MM $2MM 58 votes 44 votes Designed by Nkolas A Cola Sources: http://clerk., http://2012election., !! Perry

Publicly Funded Political Campaigns

shared by coianac on Jan 07
This graphic shows how the public is spending their dollars to support the various candidates for the 2012 election. And highlights the top ten spending cites with comparisons to the largest rural cit...


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