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PUBLIC OPINION > The Death Penalty Is Necessary

GALLOWS Poll deep dve SodaHead a weekly infographic Is the Death Penalty Necessary ! ? 65% think the death penalty is necessary 35% think we could do without it 35% No 65% Yes At Home and Abroad This year, California will actually vote on whether or not to repeal the death penalty - a rare occurrence. But our results show it's not likely to pass. Washington 57% US 68% Yes New York 39% California 68% Техas 74% International 35% K Yes Canada 50% Great Britain 35% Protective Parents 75% Yes Having kids puts the issue in a starker perspective. Parents have lives to protect, and they have to make the decision that will ensure those lives are as safe as possible. 61% Yes Parents No kids Politics as Usual Politics play a nuanced role in capital punishment. Conservatives are far more likely to support it than libertarians, but moderates are strongly in favor. Liberal: 33% yes Moderate: 72% Conservative: 90% Libertarian: 62% Where It's At* Though the death penalty is not permitted in most countries, it is still practiced in the four most populous countries in the world (China, India, U.S., Indonesia). In 2011... U.S.: 34 states retain the death penalty 78 sentenced to death 43 executions in 13 states 3,254 on death row Internationally: 1,923 sentenced to death in 63 countries 676 executions in 20 countries 18,750 on death row SodaHead, 2012 ( * Amnesty International, 2011 ( Results taken from on April 27, 2012. Vote, comment, and share a SodaHead © 2012 Total Votes: 934

PUBLIC OPINION > The Death Penalty Is Necessary

shared by SodaHead on Apr 30
California is getting ready to vote on whether or not to repeal capital punishment, so we took it to the broader public first, asking one basic question: Is the death penalty necessary? Though capital...




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