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The Psychology of Presidential Campaign Signs

THE PSYCHOLOGY OF PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN SIGNS During every election, candidates face the challenge of winning over voters on both a rational, conscious level and an emotional, subconscious level. Fortunately, candidates have plenty of historical precedents to draw from. Let's examine seven types of propaganda that have been used in political campaigns throughout history. * GLITTERING GENERALITIES * USING VAGUE WORDS OR PHRASES TO INSPIRE POSITIVE EMOTIONS. WILLIAM BARACK PRASPED MCKINLEY OBAMA НОМЕ, PRESTIGE ABROAD. 1896 2008 Depicts McKinley's support of the gold standard while evoking feelings of virtue and success. One of the most influential signs of all time, the famous "O" set a new standard M tiZATION OMMERE for campaign logos. HOPE * TRANSFER * ASSOCIATING A CANDIDATE WITH ICONIC– USUALLY PATRIOTIC–IMAGES AND SYMBOLS. GERALD MONDALE REAGAN FORD VS. 1976 REAGAN Depicted Ford as Fonzie from the hit BUSTERS 1984 show Happy Days while echoing FDR's 1932 slogan "Happy Days are Here Again." Following Ghostbusters' 1984 release, both candidates promised to bust their opponent. FRITZ FORDZIE HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAINI BUSTERS * PLAIN FOLKS * MAKING A CANDIDATE SEEM DOWN-TO-EARTH AND APPROACHABLE. THE WORKING MANS ULYSSES BANNER. FOR VICE PRESIDENT WILLIAM FOR PRESIDENT S. GRANT TANNERY TAFT 1872 1908 Inviting voters to call him "Bill," this friendly image helped Taft win the election. Drew on Grant and Miller's blue-collar background to appeal to the working class. Jobe de Yonah ULYSSES S. GRANT HENRY WILSON Natick ho 11 BILL * TESTIMONIAL * USING CELEBRITIES OR FAMOUS FIGURES TO ENDORSE A CANDIDATE. I WANT YOU THE OFFICIAL REPUBLICAN CAMPAIGN SONG HARDING WARREN FRANKLIN D. You're The Man For Us ED.R. ROOSEVELT G. HARDING 1920 1944 Used Uncle Sam to appeal to voters' wartime patriotism as FDR sought a fourth term. The world's most famous entertainer at the time, Al Jolson wrote and performed Harding's campaign STAY AND FINISH THE JOB/ CALVIN COOLIDGE Repaan Caniate le Vis Pruddent WARREN G. ILARDING song. pu Ca Prodnt Words and Music by AL JOLSON 30 INDIPENDENT VOTERS COMMITTIE OF THE ARTS and SCIENCES for ROOSEVELT * BANDWAGON * APPEALING TO THE AUDIENCE'S DESIRE TO BE PART OF THE GROUP. WELL, DEWEY Keep ol- (aolidge CALVIN EVLENCE AND SPO D EETE ADCHENT A r COOLIDGE 1924 OR REPUBLICAN WIN WITH DEWEY DON'T WE Invited the nation to stay the course with Coolidge's calm, steady leadership. LAL ADVERTISING DISPun © 1.0L1944 THOMAS DEWEY 1944 Fear not each sudden sound and ahock Tis of the wave and not the rock, Challenged voters to get on board with Thomas Dewey's campaign against FDR. TI HONAKER WONAKER * NAME CALLING * USING NICKNAMES OR NEGATIVE WORDS TO SMEAR AN OPPONENT'S IMAGE OR REPUTATION. BORN TO COMMAND HUNKERS, ATTENÐ! CLAY VS. BUCHANAN VS. FIRE AWAY!! JACKSON FRÉMONT VS. 1832 FILLMORE 1856 Critics wanted to elicit a perception of incumbent Jackson as a tyrannical ruler. Opponents nicknamed The above is a true likeness of “ ten eent Jimmy" Buchanan, the “ Damed-Black-Rat's" eandidate for President. Buchanan "Ten-Cent Jimmy" after he claimed that 10 cents a day was fair pay for manual labor. FREHONT SONG Aed pa And lerdeet eda P. S. "Jimmy" you eannot win! KING ANDREW THE FIRST. *CARD STACKING * MAKING A CANDIDATE'S VIEWS SEEM LIKE THE ONLY CHOICE BY OMITTING THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ARGUMENT. ONE! THE HERBERT RICHARD BUT HOOVER NIXON IXONS 1928 1968 A catchy rhyme that presented Hoover as the only logical choice for the This bold declaration NIXON'S proved to be true as Nixon finally avenged his 1960 loss to JFK. presidency. HE ONEL * 2016 ELECTION * CAN YOU IDENTIFY THE PROPAGANDA TECHNIQUES THAT ARE SHAPING THESE 2016 ELECTION IMAGES? BERNIE SANDERS DONALD TRUMP HILLARY CLINTON NOT ME US I'M WITH HER TRUMP MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! TED CRUZ WASHINGTON, DC TED CRUZ A CONSERVATIVE WITH ATTITUDE Bernie STRAIGHT OUTTA 20 CONGREES "BLACKLISTED & LOVING IT" ALL AMERICAN TOUR TED CRUZ 16 RAND PAUL JEB BUSH DR Jeb! ASTORY OF THE ESTABLISHMENT'S WOST FEARED CONSERVATIVE. RAND CRIZ PAUL FOR PRESIDENT- DEFEAT THE WASHINSTOM MACHINE 2016 UNLEASP RAND Sources: k_html medium=social& gn=buffer BUILDASIGN .com © 2016 All Rights Reserved DI BEEN CONSULTED HOOVER онм

The Psychology of Presidential Campaign Signs

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The 2016 election is in full swing and we’re seeing the usual gamesmanship that comes into play during campaign season. Candidates are using a variety of tactics to win over voters, from tweets and ...






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