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Propaganda: What Do These Men Have in Common?

WHAT DO THESE MEN HAVE IN COMMON??? WALT DISNEY DR. SEUSS PROPAGANDA HITLER the PIc NG SENSATION POPE GREGORY XV THE SPREADING OF IDEAS, INFORMATION, OR RUMOR Walt DISNEY DONALD DUCK A Nightmore in Nutailond Fuehrer Fac FOR THE PURPOSE Der OF HELPING OR INJURING AN INSTITUTION, A CAUSE, OR PERSON "Tis Roosevelt, Not Hitler, N MULTIPLANE TECHNICOLO that the World Should Really Fear." ORIG MODERN PROPAGANDA BEGAN IN THE 17TH CENTURY WITH A SPECIAL DIVISION OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH DE PROPAGATIN OF THE FA T THE SACRED CONGREGATION FOR THE PROPAGATION OF THE FATH t PROPAGANDA FIDE THROUGHOUT THE WORLD TO STEM THE RISING TIDE OF ESTABLISHED TO SPREAD CATHOLIC DOCTRINE TO WIN NEW CONVERTS PROTESTANTISM PROPAGANDA CAME TO CONNOTE THE SYSTEMIC SPREAD OF RELIGIOUS IDEAS IN THE 18TH AND 19TH CENTURIES PROPAGANDA BECAME POLITICAL DUE TO GROWTH OF LITERACY LIBERAL DEMANDS FOR FREEDOMS OF PRESS SPEECH ASSEMBLY REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENTS GOVERNMENTS NO LONGER RELIED PURELY ON CENSORSHIE FOR SOCIAL CONTROL REGIMES USED NEWSPAPERS TO SPREAD PROPAGANDA AS OFFICIAL "NEWS" All majorbelligerent governments employed writers, artists and filmmakers DESTROY THIS MAD BRU their messages aimed at MOBILIZING POPULATIONS FOR WAR WEAKENING ENEMY MORALE WINNING AUDIENCE IN NEUTRAL COUNTRIES PERLALIBERTAELACIVILTA DELMONDO SOTTOSCRVETE AL PRESTITO NAZIONALE= ILTUR ENLIOT Some American leaders feared unregulated ropagaera woric GresTroy democracy. WWII PROPAGANDA NAZI GERMANY DR. SEUSS WANADISNAK ADOLPH HITLER THEODOR SEUSS GEISEL WALT DISNEY Adolf Hitler, one of the most well-known propaganda experts in war history Prolific creator of.children's books and wartime propaganda Created animated propaganda during WWII Political cartoonist for the New York daily newspaper from 1941-1943 Disney s goal: to educate Americans about their He dedicated an entire section to war propaganda in his book Mein Kampf. enemies. DEREWIGE INSURE YOUR HOME AGAINST HITLER! LYDE OMEIN KAMPF "Der Fuehrer's Face" won the 1943 Oscar for best animated short film. Disney said it was "made in service of the US government" EIN DOKUMENTARFILM ÜBER DAS WELTJUDENTUM DrSevss Gestaltung: Fritz Hippler, Musik FranzR Fri Herstekung u vertrich. Deutsche fimherstelurias ewertunos - Gm By WAR SAVINGS 8ONDS & STAMPS Used propaganda to spread his dislike of the Jews Dr. Seuss presented progressive opinions with entertaining artistry Hitler gained the support of his army and country. Donald Duck wakes up from a "Nutzi Land" nightmare exclaiming, "Oh boy, am I glad to be a citizen of the USA!" He used his cartoons to support the war effort and to Hitler caused the breakout of WWII convey social messages RESULT: fight against racism and anti-semitism the Holocaust 6 million Jews exterminated 1945 The 1940's was considered the Golden Age,of eomics WIPE THAT SNEER OFF HIS FACE ! "The function of propaganda Dr. Seuss' political caricatures weren't is, for example, not to weigh and ponder the rights of dif- always "politically correct." by today's standards. ferent people, but exclusively to emphasize the one right Dr:Sevss which it has set out to argue WAR SAVINGS BONDS &STAMPS for." Hitler His progressive outlook is displayed among his propaganda and his children's books. PROPAGANDA TODAY PROPAGANDA IS NOW MORE PREVALENT THAN EVER DUE TO THE NUMBER OF MEDIA SOURCES MORE THAN The Coalition will destroy 600 any viable miaitary targets. The Coalition does not wish to destroy your landmarks. IRAQ WAR JOURNALISTS HAVE BEEN IN MILITARY UNITS TO REPORT ON THE IRAQ WAR Iracf Citizers Coalition forces do not wish to harm the noble people of Iraq. To ensure your The new 1ri GUI Teete Gres lenking for new people to contribute to Iraq's security. An IFri GIVUe'eer Cen member willt safety, avoid areas occupied by military personnel. THE US HAS DROPPED aurn 300 dollars a math reusive 0 dollar benes pon graduatlen sl LEAFLETS AND RADIO Phe a S15 dollar kense BROADCASTS ALL OVER IRAQ he reters a triend and the friend cormpletes training -Receive a pay ingrease with advancement THEY PUT BLAME ON SADDAM FOR THE erevide seourity at checkpoints, convoys overmmant faciutes SUFFERING OF THE IRAQIS Esist Ceal ition Forees THEY TELL PEOPLE NOT TO FIGHT AND TO GO HOME in cerdon aed search For more Information igo to the kagi Civil Defense Corps Boeth Cunventioa Center on the 1st and 3rd Satarday THE PURPOSE IS TO MINIMIZE CASUALTIES JOURNALIST PETER MAASS WROTE AN ARTICLE ABOUT of avery menth tron10am-6pm اختيارك THIS PROPAGANDA EVENT THE EVENT IS STILL TREATED IN THE MEDIA AS A PIVOTAL, SYMBOLIC MOMENT IN THE IRAQ WAR WHEN ORDINARY IRAQIS, FREED BY VALOROUS AMERICAN SOLDIERS, TRIUMPHANTLY TORE DOWN THE TYRANNICAL IMAGE OF THE DICTATOR. BUT IT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED THAT THE EVENT WAS STAGED BY THE US MARINES PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS TEAMS WHO KNEW THE PROPAGANDA VALUE OF SUCH A PHOTO OP. NOT MUCH IS KNOWN ABOUT THE NORTH KOREA DEMOCRATIC PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF NORTH KOREA. ONE THING IS KNOWN THEY STILL EFFECTIVELY USE PROPOGANDA TO SWAY THE HEARTS AND MINDS OF THEIR PEOPLE. KONA 모두 다가을 적이 전투 에 로 ! 침략 전쟁 을 일으킨 다면 DR GELABNDA 전투 전리 THH 고조 N 기회 PRESENTED BY WORD FOCUS.COM ONE OF THESE IS NOT A PIECE FROM NORTH KOREA. CAN YOU SPOT IT? Sources n_1559760.html#slide=1043650 DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING

Propaganda: What Do These Men Have in Common?

shared by NowSourcing on May 07
This infographic provides a deeper look into how Walt Disney, Dr. Seuss, Hitler and Pope Gregory XV used propaganda.




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